Examiner.com is an online news website that features articles from local and national freelance writers all over the country.   In the past, I provided articles as their National Creative Writing Examiner.  I have also written as their Business Insights Examiner, Customer Service Examiner, and also their Las Vegas GLBT and Lesbian Relationships Examiner.  All my articles can be found on Examiner.com, but I've also listed them here for your convenience.  Please check them out at your leisure.  I would welcome feedback/comments as well.  Thank you!



Creative Writing Articles:

Social networking sabbatical

Writer's Block

Beta Reader

What to do with that new manuscript

Don't forget to check the facts

NaNoWriMo just three days away

Writing exercise builds muscle

Yours, theirs and its

Write what you know


Business Insights Articles:

Halloween is big business

Online college programs given a bad rap

Hating your job?

All My Children, the end of an era

Underemployment, the new norm in America?

Harrassment or just a mean boss?


Customer Service Articles:

How does our global customer service stack up?

Consumer perspective on customer service

Small business owner discusses serving the client

Customer service careers require special skills

Good listening is key to effective customer service

Customer service training vital for business success


GLBT and Lesbian Relationship Examiner Articles:

Commitment ceremony to-do list 

Lack of attendance leads to cancelling dances

So you made it through the holidays. Now what?

Let's just drive while driving, shall we?

Being good at being a friend

So you don't have a date for New Years Eve

Intimate spa gifts for couples to reconnect and renew

Giving with your heart this holiday season

Gay friendly places to worship in Las Vegas

Local freelance photographer on capturing holiday memories

Party ideas for friends, fun and frolicking

Singles stave off lonliness during the holidays

Holiday shopping for the clueless and in love

Caring for our precious pets during the holidays

Drinking coffee and getting social with the Bettys'

Mom, guess who's coming for Thanksgiving dinner?

Why is everyone so afraid of us?

Dance like nobody's watching

Reading and writing, cures for the blues?

Parents' perspective on daughter's coming out - Part I

Parents' perspective on daughter's coming out - Part II

Parents' perspective on daughter's coming out - Part III

Cynthia Hall, a leader in the GLBT community

Don't sweat the small stuff


Friends with benefits

Bettys' Outrageous Adventures Lesbian social group

Making friends and new adventures

Lesbian and gay tourists