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Taking a Social Networking Break

Hi everyone. After much thought, I have decided to take a break from my blog and The Twitter, until March. I haven't quite decided on a return date yet, but it will probably be very early in March, as I will miss the blogosphere and you all A LOT.

That being said, my reasons for this much needed break are many and varied and I won't bore you with the details. I'm sure you've all been there. I have pressing commitments and my stress level has elevated. It's time to let go of something, for a bit anyway.

Those of you who email and talk with me on the phone, Please continue to do so! I am here. Just not on here. So to speak.

My apologies for not reading and commenting on your blogs and tweeting, but again, I think you all probably understand. I will catch up in March, I promise!

Love you all. Don't forget me. And? Don't forget to sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy.

Till March........

Kisses and Hugs!

Just to clear up a few concerns. I am fine. Just need a break. Sara's Sleep will also be continued in March. :-)


Search me?

As I poured myself out of bed this morning, social networking was already on my mind.  Questions surrounded my cramped brain such as: 

Has anyone missed me since I’ve been back to work and not tweeting about my vital daily activities?


Will I lose readership since I’m not being the attentive blog reader, commenter and tweeter that I have been in the past?


How have my readers survived without my twisted advice, sarcasm and colorful language? 

I shudder at the thought.


I’m here.  I’m just sleepy.  And tired.  And counting down the days until my new job affords me the opportunity to take vacation.  That would be about 50 weeks from now, give or take.  

Did I say I’m tired? 

Work.  It's a four letter word.  A cuss word, if you will, in my opinion, that trumps fuck or shit.

And it’s provocative.  Ever think about work that way?   For instance, you want work when you don’t have it.  You need work when you realize it’s hard to live on the streets at your (and by your I really mean my) advanced age.  When someone dangles work in front of you in the form of an interview, your pulse quickens, you get excited and your salivary glands operate in overdrive. That makes work provocative. 

Until you get work.   Then, not so much.  Work likens to eating too many In-N-Out burgers.  The more you eat, the less you want.  

So I’ve worked six days now in my new job, and I’m not hungry anymore. Check please!

But enough about me. 

How are you?  I miss everyone!  As soon as I get used to this 2:30 to 11 pm work schedule and juggling my Grad school studies/writing/housework/volunteering/etc with other life in general, I will be back to normal bwahhahahah and blogging up a storm.   I do have four plugs I’d like to make before I forget.  So listen up, people.  This is important stuff:


  • My friend Eva over at Wrestling with Retirement has just published her first two books on Kindle.  Please, if you haven’t checked out this awesome woman’s blog, hop on over.   I’ve already purchased one of her books and couldn’t be more pleased.   One is fiction and the other is humorous.  You’ll love them both.  And her blog?  You’ll get hooked. That’s not a bad thing.
  • My little sister, Robin, has given in to the writing urge and started her very own blog.  She’ll be writing her own special recipe of southern wit and heartwarming love for your enjoyment.  You’ll smile when you visit her blog at LIL Sis Speaks.
  • My amazing friend, Karla, awesome and award-winning published humor writer, has a new book titled My Funny Valentine.   Her first book, Box of Rocks, has many rave reviews and if you haven’t read it yet, you are missing out.  Please check out her fun blog over at Telega Tales and Tart Cookies.  I’m a big fan of this woman and her writing.  If I could be half as funny, I’d already be famous.  Just sayin…
  • My dear friend Rachel over at Totally Ovar It is going through a lot of crap these days.  Any problems I have pale in comparison, honestly.  Her blog is poignant, interesting and varied, so please check it out and leave her some love. 


And moi?  I’m working on some short fiction that I hope to share soon.   And before you ask, I am still working on the tweaking of my new novel.  I feel a bit “writer blocky” these days with all that’s going on, so everything’s moving slowly. 


So, why did I make the title of today’s post Search me

Ah, because I’m feeling a bit clueless these days.  Overwhelmed and under-accomplished.  Not to mention the bad hair days lately, one after the other.   How have your days been since the start of the New Year?  

I sure hope you’re keeping your shit together!  One of us needs to!