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Can you take it?

Critics. The world is full of them. They have opinions. About everything.  Critics are a writer’s best friend or worst enemy, and sometimes both. If you write stuff and put it out there for people to read, you are lending yourself to possible ridicule and deprecation, which may lead to introspection and consequently, your self-esteem going straight in the toilet.

Don’t let this happen to you.  There is help out there. Where? Well, I’m here and I’ll listen to you.  I have a shoulder to lean on when some old biddy in Timbuktu buys the 99 cent Kindle version of your book and then leaves a review stating it put her to sleep.

Oh wait!  That’s not you.  That was me! 

I got that review!  Actually, I got two of them.  I believe it read something like, “Sara’s Sleep put me to sleep”.   OUCH.

I’m okay.  Well, I did receive my first two bad reviews for Sara’s Sleep recently, and my heart stopped briefly, followed by a bucket of ice water running through my veins.  It was surreal.  It was depressing. It was sad.  It sucked shit turds is what it did. 

To put it quite bluntly, my Pollyanna smile was turned upside down.  I have yet to pick my lower lip up off the floor.  I would plot my revenge if I had the time.  I even made up some brand new vicious names to call those misguided and totally wrong critics. 

But then it hit me

Crap criticism is going to happen. Not everyone loves everything. There are sour grape bitches out there.  Er, I mean, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. 

So are you following me?  Don’t you understand what this means?  I have graduated!

I am now a real writer!  I have received nasty unfair shitty crappy and not nice   unfavorable criticism for my work and I have lived to tell the story.

Am I going to stop writing and presenting my work for public criticism? 

Hells no!

I’m going to salvage what’s left of my damaged lower lip, then take a much needed shower, and maybe even comb my hair.  Then after I scrape the leftover pizza cheese from my laptop, I’m going to write some more.

You can’t keep a determined old broad down for long.

Sara’s Sleep put her to sleep, my ass. 

I’m not bitter.  But if I could just get my hands around her scrawny little neck…

Hmmm, I’m beginning to get an idea about a new suspense novel. 

Writer stalks critic, film at eleven

Ok maybe not. 

I think I’ll just learn from the criticism and go on about my writerly business. 

The whole experience stung for a moment, but now I feel like so many writers out there.  I’ve been criticized and I’ve survived.

And, to quote a line from Downton Abbey:

“We shall not speak of this again.”





What was I thinking?

The more fiction I write and expose to others, the more I hear statements like, “How did you ever think that up?” and “What would make you write something like that?”  In my mind, this was code for “Are you as big of a lunatic as your characters?”  or “Are YOU one of your characters?”  or “Have you gone off your medication again?”   After which come the deep, curious stares and the strained compliments.

All of this makes me giddy.  If I get these reactions, I have indeed done my job.

As a fiction writer, I must face the inevitable fact that people I know are going to question my reasons/motives for my stories.  They may not question my sanity or intelligence, but only because they are targeting a much more interesting part of me.  My “perceived” dark side. 

It has yet to be proven that everyone has a dark side, but I’m willing to bet hungry fiction readers are much more prone to darkness than the author of any book they peruse.  After all, we fiction readers all love a good scandal, don’t we?  We all enjoy that unknowing “cliff”.  What’s going to happen next?  Will the bad forces win out in the end, or will our heroine prevail?  Curious minds want to know.  That’s why we read fiction novels. We escape into someone else’s hell, adventure, or bliss.  This makes our lives more colorful.  This fulfills something in us.

That being said, when we actually know the author of said fiction, our minds can’t quite fully accept their work as pure fiction.  It’s only natural to question.  For example, shortly after Sara’s Sleep was published, I met an old colleague for lunch. She had purchased my book and wanted me to sign it for her.  I was quite honored to do this, as I hadn’t signed many books prior to our meeting.  It was all very new for me. 

When we sat down, she immediately took my book out of her purse and laid it on the table between us. She put her hand on it, as if it were about to fly away, and looked into my eyes.  In a low voice, she said, “Now tell me all about the writing of this book.  What inspired you? Were any of your characters based on persons in your past?  Have you had those types of nightmares? …”  The questions went on and on.  I felt as if I were hooked up to a lie detector or electric chair that would start smoking any minute.  I felt compelled to answer each question, although it really was none of her damned business.

It was a surreal experience, and one that I’ve been through several times since.  I’m okay though.  Since this began happening, I have done some research and found this to be quite normal.  If I want to be a fiction writer, it comes with the territory.

All of this has been in the back of my mind as I finish my new book.  It is a dark suspense novel with a sinister villain and a determined heroine.   It is not a novel for children.  It is not a novel for people who only enjoy a light romance with a happy ending.  It is complex and dark and full of unexpected twists and turns.  It is not horrific or graphic, however, and any sexual content is not of an offensive nature.  

With the help of my son, I have settled on an official name for my new book.  It is A Dark Pretense.  It will be coming out in a couple months if things continue to progress.

For the people I know personally, this book will bring up many questions, I am certain.  I understand that and am ready for the deluge.  I will just be happy that you will take the time to read my work.   Please do try to understand, however, that it is purely fiction.  I write fiction because I have a vivid imagination and enjoy the process immensely.  I don’t write about myself or anyone I know in my fiction.  It would not be fiction if I did so.    Of course, the jury is still out as to whether or not I’m a lunatic.  Sometimes even I question that.  

When I am writing fiction, I am doing what I love.  I am so fortunate to have found something that fulfills me and completes my life.  Not everyone can say they’ve found such a gift, and I count my blessings every day.

And now if you will please excuse me, I still have six episodes of Downton Abbey to watch before tonight’s Season 3 opener.  I’m in love with this series and completely immersed in every detail.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Downton Abbey, I highly recommend it!

Ok, off I go!  Have a lovely day my friends!




Wine not?

Tonight, I am sitting here with a cheap nice glass of wine, quite satisfied with myself.  In fact, I would pat myself on the back if arthritis didn’t deter me from this painful behavior. 

So, as I pat myself on the almost back of the shoulder, I also wear a smile of many colors.  That’s almost like a ‘coat of many colors’, but not nearly as poetic.  For those of you unaware that Dolly Parton sang about said coat, just skip this part. The punch line won’t be worth the research.

My smile of many colors exists because of a mixture of emotions.  I am now officially finished with all of my Masters work. My best friend came through her operation like a trooper and is on the road to recovery.  I made a helluva good dinner tonight. Marie Calendar’s Chicken Pot Pies.  Delicious. I am one damned good cook.  I can unwrap a carton and preheat an oven with the best of them. 

More reasons I’m smiling?  You want more? Well I have more!

I suddenly realized how much freedom I now have!  I can work on my book every freaking day if I want to. I can read anything I want. I’d love to read a lesbian equivalent to Fifty Shades of Grey, but I haven’t found such a novel yet.  And NO I won’t be writing one, either.  You rascals!

More reasons?  Ok, just remember you asked.  Or I’m imagining you asked.  I am a fiction writer. We make stuff up.  And imagine stuff.  And other stuff.  It’s a thing.

Lots and lots and LOTS of people downloaded Sara’s Sleep while it was on the free promotion. In fact, at one point, I hit number ONE in Theater AND Drama.  That was awesome. I was giddy. And perhaps a little full of myself, as I bragged to anyone that would listen.  I told my car insurance broker over the phone. I told the maintenance guy at our apartment complex. I even told the guy ringing the bell in front of Wal-Mart. 

Should I be offended that he offered to pay ME to go away?

But I couldn’t help it.  I’d never hit number ONE before.  It was my rock star moment. It was amazing. I was amazing. I was suddenly a legend in my own mind. 

But I ask you?  --  Where were all those people when Sara’s Sleep was out there for JUST 99 cents for months?  I’m not complaining much. I am really happy my book is being read by thousands of cheapskates who wouldn’t pay for it  of people around the world. Who knows, maybe they’ll like it and shell out a little money for my second book. 

Or will they do like I do and wait until it goes into the free promotion. Yes that makes me a cheapskate too!  So sue me.  Free is good. You can read a lot of books for free.  However, if you missed the free, please consider digging deep into those pockets and purchasing a copy of Sara’s Sleep

In fact, being the ultra-considerate Miss Manners that I am, I have constructed a handy link just over there to the right.  Just click on the book and you will be magically transported to the special Amazon place to purchase Sara’s Sleep.  It will be virtually painless, I promise.  Go on ahead. I can wait.

Right now I’m ranked somewhere around 422,000th for paid downloads of Sara’s Sleep.  That’s not how many downloads. That’s the ranking. In case you haven’t gotten my drift, my ranking is pretty rank.

But there’s always hope.

I’m shooting for 399,000th.  I try to keep my expectations low and my merlot levels high. 

Because I’m trying to forget those good old days when I was number one.

Ah, fleeting fame!  Anyone have a tissue?





Changes happen

I’m not one of those older people who whines at change. Oh, I’m definitely an older person, but change does not scare me. It’s going to happen whether I’m cowering in the corner or facing it fists-first.

And so it is.

My first (and only, so far) published book, Sara’s Sleep, will be temporarily removed from Amazon for a few days due to change. 

There’s that word again.

I am moving from Adoro Books** and doing my own thing, and I’m taking Sara’s Sleep with me. The book will be featured back on Amazon soon.  Details will be forthcoming. 

For those of you in a hurry to buy a copy of Sara’s Sleep, my apologies.  That’s kind of a joke since it hasn’t exactly been flying off the virtual shelves.

In the meantime, I do have five paperback copies of Sara’s Sleep I’d like to give away to the first five people who ask.  I will even autograph them! 

I can sense the excitement welling up over the internet right now. 

If you’d like a free signed copy of Sara’s Sleep, just email me at  I will respond to each email and let you know if you made the first five.   

You should get to that email, though, as I expect a crammed-full inbox shortly.  Ahem

In other news, I will be posting soon on my plans for the future concerning Sara’s Sleep and a possible sequel to Sara’s Sleep.  There will also be changes to Terri’s Little Corner

My newest labor of love, formerly titled The Secret, but now called A Pretense (working title that will probably change many times) should be coming out sometime this winter. I have lots to do before that dream comes to fruition, however. Occasionally, however, I will be pleased to present a few "sneak peeks" on parts of the book. Just to get your curiosity up, of course!  So stay tuned.

If anyone has questions, please indicate below or email me.


It has to happen, people.  So why not relax and enjoy the ride?


**Disclaimer:  My exit from Adoro Books in no way reflects any disrespect for the company or its owners.


Two Years of Bloggy Bliss!

 Me, two years ago, taking a picture of me. I'm even cuter now. hehe

I did it! I kept a blog going for two years! I have to admit that, when I started Terri’s Little Corner, I had little confidence that it would hold my interest longer than a few weeks. But here I am, and I’ve written so many posts, I’m not even going to count. Besides, I just don’t have time. I’m so busy these days, I feel guilty stealing any personal time. But a few minutes to brag about my little creative space on the blogosphere won’t hurt anything, right? And if it does, there’s always wine.

It wasn’t busy two years ago, when I started the blog. Being unemployed, depressed, and clueless, I had all the time in the world to wallow in self-pity and accomplish absolutely nothing. And then one day, my dear friend Lisa over at Grandmas Briefs, asked me if I would be one of her “Grilled Grandmas”. After I did a little recon on just what was going on over at her place and just exactly what she had in mind with that “grilling” business, I realized it would be virtually painless, and consented to be her guest.

I was so proud to be featured on Lisa’s blog! Up until that point, I hadn’t paid any attention to blogs or bloggers at all. I honestly didn’t realize there was a whole subculture out there just waiting for me to discover and find my niche.

And I did! And it has made a huge difference in my life. So thank you, Lisa. Big HUG!

In the last two years, I have accomplished things I never would have dreamed of prior to my being unemployed. Sometimes you have to hit the bottom (or damned near!)  in order to start that important climb back up. I started blogging. At first, I was pretty much invisible, just like anyone who first starts out. When I started receiving comments, I remember how excited I was. I felt little giggles inside my tummy. Delightful! I wanted more. So I wrote more. I became addicted to the process.  And then…

Somewhere along the line, after a few months or so, my blogging addiction helped me realize something quite amazing and wonderful. I realized I was a writer. It was in me, and it was everything I wanted to be. I still feel that way. Writing is no longer an addiction. It is a burning passion. It makes life amazing, colorful, and wondrous, and I haven’t felt that way about life in many years.

These past two years haven’t been easy, let me tell you. Joan and I have had extreme financial hardship. We’ve had medical problems and injuries. We managed to keep the faith and forge on, however, and now we’re both employed and doing okay. We are indeed, survivors!

And? There are two more things I almost forgot to mention!  (not really…I never forget these things)  In the past two years, I have almost completed Grad School and am due to graduate in December.

And then there’s Sara’s Sleep. My shining moment. My pride, love, and lust.  Yes, I have a book. I still get a kick out of saying that! And? I have another manuscript almost ready for editing.  Yowzah!

I don’t know what the next two years will bring, but I am not afraid, because I am armed with an arsenal of life experiences, knowledge, and friends and family who love me.  The way I see it?  A Win Win!


And speaking of WINNING!

It’s my TWO YEAR BLOGOVERSARY, PEOPLE!   Party on!  In recognition of this most auspicious of occasions, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY.

And we all love those, don’t we?    I do! 

Below is a list of the cool Las Vegas souvenirs I’m giving away. Why? Because I live here and it is all I can think to give away. 

A Las Vegas Sign Lamp (it’s cute, I swear)

A Las Vegas coffee cup.

A Las Vegas oven mitt.

A Las Vegas shot glass.

Two signed copies of Sara's Sleep

IF you want to enter the drawing for one of the prizes (and of course you do!), you need to do two things.  Just two things!  Stop complaining, people. It’s not rocket science. Or manual labor.  Just two itty bitty things.   OK? 

  • Leave a comment below stating you would like to be entered in the Giveaway.
  • Leave a JOKE or RIDDLE or STORY...also in the comments below. Something funny.  That’s all I ask. I need a good laugh.

The Drawing will be on August 15thI will announce the winners with a new post.  So check back on the 15th to see a list of the winners.Go ahead now. Whatcha waiting for? I wasn’t kidding when I said I need a good laugh.  So bring on the funnies!

Thank you for gracing my space with your love, friendship, and kindness!




Holy cannoli Batman! Up in the sky! Is that a book launch?

July 1st, 2012.  The day my very first published book is launched. This is the day I've been waiting for my whole life. Well, maybe not my whole life, but that sounded really dramatic and special didn't it?

Today is the Official Online Book Launch Party for my lovely Sara's Sleep, a short novella of which I am mighty proud!

Please join me and several interesting, humorous, and fabulous people over on my Face book author's page for the party.  Just click on the invitation below to be transported right smack in the middle of the action:


If you have a particular affinity for Twitter over Face book, I will also be running the party over there.  My Twitter handle is @tsonoda and I'll be using the hashtag  #SarasSleep.   Multi-tasking is not my forte, so this should be a challenge.  I don't back down from challenges, but I have been known to forget my name in the midst of mayhem and too much frivolity. 

So please be gentle with me while I try to find my way.

Thanks.  Now skedaddle on over to the party. Well, between 2 and 4 pm Pacific Standard Time. If you go before then, just sit and look at the pretty pictures while you wait. I'm sure the cocktail waitress will be around shortly to get your order.  I'll have a margarita on the rocks please.

You are buying, aren't you?




Launch Party just one week away!

Get out the wine boxes and hang on tight to your knickers because it’s about to get HOT up in here! 

Sara’s Sleep, already for sale up on Amazon for Kindle, and in paperback, will be officially launched on my Face book Author’s page Sunday, July 1st, from 2 to 4 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Yes folks, it’s big.  It’s huge.  It’s freaking awesome is what it is!

I’ve been so giddy I can’t sit still.  In fact, I’ve been guest-blog-hopping just to keep my partner from wringing my neck.  My constant twitches, dancing in my skivvies and squealing like a little girl may be getting to her.  She keeps giving me “the look”.  I won’t explain “the look,” but imagine, if you will, a cross between a Hannibal Lecter and Jerry Lewis gaze.   It’s a bit disconcerting to say the least.  So I’m trying to keep my glee at bay, but I’m losing the fight, people.

But I digress.   I do that a lot.


In an effort to keep this post short and sweet, I’ll just say a couple more things. 


Event:   Sara’s Sleep Launch Party

Date and Time:   Sunday, July 1st from 2 to 4 pm PST

Place:   Just Click HERE.  Easy Peazy!

What can you expect from attending this party?  FUN, frolicking, friends, good conversation, prizes, and the satisfaction that you have helped me out yet again, in my writerly endeavors.  There will also be special guests: Mary Barker, the artist who created the beautiful sketch of Sara’s house featured in my book, and also Karla and Katie from Adoro Books.   These are some awesome babes!

How amazing is this?    Freaking Amazing!

How amazing are YOU?   Fucking amazing!  I had to say it.   There are just no other words to describe my love and admiration for you people.

How amazing am I?  Not so much.  But I am humble, grateful and blessed in this life, for so many reasons.

Peace out and much love!  Hope to see you there!   XOXOs



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WTFriday? Focus challenged. Daydream believer.

Whenever I have trouble focusing, I find it helpful to sit down and make a list.  It doesn’t have to be a list of things on which to focus, although it probably should be.  I’m no authority on this subject, so don’t take any notes.  Take this post, for example. If you just read every other word and string them together, you’ll find a secret message that is much more entertaining than my rambling on about focusing.

Not really.

There’s no secret message. 

Did I catch anyone?  Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. 

I suddenly have an amusing visual of my little sister writing down every other word, as instructed, and then reading the list of words out loud.  When finished, she wads the paper up and throws it at the computer, while screaming my name with colorful adjectives.  “What the fuck, Terri?  That ain’t right, teasing me like that.  I can’t help it if I’m short and I don’t catch on fast.  I’m gonna kick your ass next time I see you.  I mean it!” 

Okay maybe not.   Sorry LIL Sis.  You may be the vertically-challenged one, but I’m the one with the depleting brain cells.  Just this past Wednesday, I blew an interview because I didn’t understand the rules of the scenario in which I had been thrust.  It was one of those group interviews where they corral a bunch of people in together and make everyone watch everyone else fuck up.  I was one of those fuck-ups, and consequently, I did the walk of shame right out the door. 


So back to focusing.  I’m having a difficult time with that this week, and not just because of the terminal job hunt.  Here’s a visual list of reasons I can’t focus.  If you get bored, you can “focus” on all the pretty colors!   It’s a win-win the way I see it.

Number one.  The job hunt.  Always in the back of my mind.  Never goes away. Constant source of irritation.  I am so mad at number one, I’m not even going to supply a picture.  Fuck number one.

 Number two.  Finals week.  The rush to finish boring research papers and online exams.  Math sucks. I’m seeing independent variables and tangible something-or-others in my sleep.  Blarney poop. 

Number three. Wedding Bells are Ringing!   This is what I would rather focus on!  Abe and Amanda will be wed here in Vegas next weekend.  I’m so excited!  I love weddings, I love my son and new daughter-in-law-to-be.  Younger son arrives from Orlando on Wednesday. Abe and Amanda's entourage arrives from Boise on Thursday. Who wants to think about school and job hunts when wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air?  sigh....

Number four.  Sara’s Sleep.  I’m always thinking about my new novella and its upcoming launch as an eBook and on Paperback on Amazon.  Just last night, I received the cover art for the book and it is stunning, as you can see!  I was humbled.  The colors are amazing and the professionalism shines.   Karla, Katie, and Lin over at Adoro Books designed and created the cover and I am in lusty love. What a rush! 

This beats tequila shots, double vanilla lattes, and In-N-Out burgers, hands down.  My head has swollen up so big, I can hardly hold it up.  I may need a twelve step program for the over-inflated opinion I have of myself.  It could be terminal. 

Breathe, Terri.  Take deep breaths.

Focusing...Highly overrated.  

Daydreaming…Now there’s a worthwhile activity.