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Birthday hangover


Good Sunday morning everyone!  And Happy Grandparents’ Day to all the Grandmas,Grandpas, MawMaws and PawPaws, Nanas and PopPops, etc, out there.  I’m sitting here in my easy chair, sipping some amazing coffee from my new Keurig coffee system, and feeling the afterglow of having survived a birthday milestone.

So far this being sixty business ain’t so bad.  I had visions of instant wrinkles on top of the ones I already had, along with wiry, uncontrollable grey hair that wouldn’t take color, and a severe craving for pureed vegetables and soup through a straw.

Ah, but it was not to be.  Thank goodness.

I still crave nachos and margaritas.  I still have a sex drive. TMI?  I still like my loud classic rock music  and If I had any idea where to get weed, I would be higher than a kite right now.

So, basically, nothing has changed.

The last two years have been real eye-openers for me, however. I have earned a Masters degree and had two books published.  That’s the good stuff. I’ve also learned how to live with a whole lot less than I had before as well, thanks to the fucking economy.  Ah, but we’ve all learned about that, haven’t we?

If I had one piece of advice (and don’t I always?) for anyone and everyone out there (especially you younger folks) it would be to get off your bums and start living your life.  Put the video games down and get out there and make your own adventure.  Stop living vicariously through your favorite TV program. 

YOU are your own best character in your own life’s novel.  How will you proceed through each chapter? Will you stomp bravely into each day, rolling out of bed and seizing every moment and opportunity?  Will you take the more holistic approach to life, and enjoy each delicious second of the sights, sounds, and smells around you?  Will you seek out your loved ones and not waste another precious minute with them?  Or will you incorporate all of these scenarios into your life’s pages?

How will you write your novel?

How will I write my life’s novel?

One precious, amazing day at a time.

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Hey! Look over there!!!



Over there!  To your right.  Do you see it? 






Yes!  That's my new novel. And folks, it is now available on Amazon for the Kindle edition. Synopsis of the book is below:

What would happen if a child’s pretend games never ended?

Katy played games with her pretend friends when she was a little girl. However, those friends did not disappear as she grew older.  Instead, she maintained and nurtured them and her unique world. She also made new imaginary friends with which to act out her maturing games.

The imaginary games changed as Katy grew older, becoming darker, sensuous and sometimes lethal.  She would go to any lengths to protect the secretive world she had created. 

One day, Louisa entered Katy’s life. The two became instant adversaries. Louisa knew there was a lot more to Katy than what appeared on the surface and she was determined to learn her secrets. Katy, however, was even more determined to keep them hidden.

Would Katy be successful at hiding her secrets and continue living in both the real world and her special, pretend world?  Or would Louisa delve into Katy’s life just enough to put herself in harm’s way?

And so began a dangerous dance between the two… 


Hope you will enjoy my book. It has truly been a labor of love. If you have the time, please leave a short review on Amazon.   That really helps and is much appreciated!

So YAY! I am so excited. I'm grinning from ear to ear! Nothing like that "new book" feeling to make this author's whole day. Or month. Or year even.  YAY!


One day it just hits you

Every now and then, something happens or someone says something that touches my core. I’m sure you know what I mean. You finally get it. Your eyes open and you see a situation with clarity and instead of feeling overwhelmed, you are energized and hopeful.

When it happens, it is a beautiful moment.

Without going into details and in order to protect the innocent, I will not disclose the conduit of my newly realized revelations.  A girl has to have a little mystery, after all.

Simply put, I am back. I am moving away from the gloom and doom. I am stepping out of the pity party and getting back to the business of my life.  It’s about time.

I’ll be 60 years old in a few weeks, and I refuse to let this milestone pass without recognizing its significance and celebrating the fact that I have been blessed and privileged to live 60 years.  Wow!

My second book, Dark Pretense, will be out around my birthday, and I hope you will celebrate with me by checking it out.   It has been a labor of love that I wish to share with the world.  Just knowing I am providing a few hours of entertaining reading to anyone warms my soul and fuels my passion to write, write, and write.

Details to come.

Much love!!

Now go out there and enjoy this amazing day!




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June 13th Book Launch Postponed - My Apologies

Regrettably, I will be again postponing the launch of my new novel, Dark Pretense.

I hope that you will forgive me and also bear with me while I offer an explanation.

Firstly, I did all the editing on the book myself.  I could not afford an editor.  This has caused me great concern, as I have worked very hard on the novel and truly put my heart and soul into it.  I have been through its pages more times than I can count, and each time, I have changed something.

Recently, however, I heard from an old friend who also happens to be a retired newspaper editor. He saw me on Face Book and asked about my writing.  Conversation ensued and to my surprise, he offered to read my manuscript for free.  I was beside myself with glee.  I figured even if he didn’t like it, at least a ‘professional’ would have a hand in its completion.

He did indeed, read my manuscript, and then, again to my surprise (and delight) he offered to provide editing advice to me at no charge.  He simply wants to extend a hand of friendship using his expertise.

And so, I have accepted his offer, and will be taking my book back into the editing process for a few weeks.

I’m sure all you writers out there completely understand my decision, and everyone else will forgive me because you love me.

So there you have it.

When will my novel be ready?

I’m not going to project a date.  I’m merely going to say that as soon as it is on Amazon, I will let everyone know and then we shall have our launch party!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.






Changes happen

I’m not one of those older people who whines at change. Oh, I’m definitely an older person, but change does not scare me. It’s going to happen whether I’m cowering in the corner or facing it fists-first.

And so it is.

My first (and only, so far) published book, Sara’s Sleep, will be temporarily removed from Amazon for a few days due to change. 

There’s that word again.

I am moving from Adoro Books** and doing my own thing, and I’m taking Sara’s Sleep with me. The book will be featured back on Amazon soon.  Details will be forthcoming. 

For those of you in a hurry to buy a copy of Sara’s Sleep, my apologies.  That’s kind of a joke since it hasn’t exactly been flying off the virtual shelves.

In the meantime, I do have five paperback copies of Sara’s Sleep I’d like to give away to the first five people who ask.  I will even autograph them! 

I can sense the excitement welling up over the internet right now. 

If you’d like a free signed copy of Sara’s Sleep, just email me at  I will respond to each email and let you know if you made the first five.   

You should get to that email, though, as I expect a crammed-full inbox shortly.  Ahem

In other news, I will be posting soon on my plans for the future concerning Sara’s Sleep and a possible sequel to Sara’s Sleep.  There will also be changes to Terri’s Little Corner

My newest labor of love, formerly titled The Secret, but now called A Pretense (working title that will probably change many times) should be coming out sometime this winter. I have lots to do before that dream comes to fruition, however. Occasionally, however, I will be pleased to present a few "sneak peeks" on parts of the book. Just to get your curiosity up, of course!  So stay tuned.

If anyone has questions, please indicate below or email me.


It has to happen, people.  So why not relax and enjoy the ride?


**Disclaimer:  My exit from Adoro Books in no way reflects any disrespect for the company or its owners.


Just the facts, ma'am

Fact checking. A necessary evil. And at present, the bane of my existence. I’m at that juncture with my second novel…just after the writing and rewriting…and just before the editing. I’m writing a pretty twisted drama this time, and there’s a lot going on, along with two different time lines moving along simultaneously and yet not. What? Never mind. Trust me; you don’t want to get me started.

Okay, maybe just an example or two. I first realized the significance of fact checking when I was doing the rewrite. I came across one of my characters checking Google on her laptop. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, the scene was set in 1972.


Okay, I don’t really need to fact check that because it was merely an oversight. I was in one timeline, but writing like I was in the other. Yes, like I said. Twisted.

My point is (and I do have one) that realizing I had made such a stupid mistake got me to thinking there must be lots of stupid mistakes in my novel, so I had better get to that “edit before sending it to editing”. This involved fact checking.

I’m actually having myself a blast, checking all these facts that need to be checked. So far, I have procured a hospice nurse for the medical side of things, my Dad for all things vehicle/mechanical, my retired Army friend for military advice, and my son for the legal aspects of things. My Dad was thrilled when I ask him about 1972 Mercedes convertibles. I couldn’t believe how much he knew. Amazing.

The bottom line for me is that, if I’m going to take months and put my heart and soul into a book that will have my name on it, I want to tend to the smallest of details. I want to be nitpicky.

I want perfection. I know that may sound uppity, and I will never reach pure perfection, but I don’t care.  I have to try. It’s my book displaying my name, and if I take the time and sweat the small stuff, it will show. And my book will shine.

It’s like anything else. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

So when is my next novel coming out? I can’t say for sure, but I can say it will have been written, rewritten, fact-checked, perused by Beta Readers, edited, rewritten, edited again, polished, covered beautifully, blessed, and presented to you with a big proud smile. 

If I haven’t killed over from exhaustion.

Or frustration.

Or masturbation. Don’t judge.

Or exasperation. Especially when I run out of batteries.

What?   Shut up.

Or I’ll just drink.

Which may or may not lead me back to masturb…

Now back to that fact checking.

What the hell did we ever do before Google anyways?

I wonder if too much really does make you go blind?

Too much Google, that is. 

I’ve already disproved that other hypothesis.

Single-handedly, so to speak.


Nite nite.





Stomping on the dream

This summer has been good to me. I’m beginning my thesis research, I’ve just had my first book published, and I’m starting a new job in a few days. My thesis will have something to do with Indie publishing, although I have yet to define or shape a hypothesis. I’m beginning my research by reading everything I can find on Indie publishing, whether the sources are reputable or not. Why would I want to read non-reputable information? Simple. I want to know what people are thinking out there, and that includes writers, publishers, and “everyday Joe’s” who have not proven their knowledge on said subject as viable with anything other than their personal experiences.

Personal experience is important. However, during my research, I’ve come across countless articles providing advice on how to get published, how to market, how to social network, etc. Much of the advice is repetitive, which makes me wonder if some of these people even looked around before throwing their opinions out there. Some, however, do come up with interesting and sometimes helpful tips regarding the world of self-publishing.

These articles/blogs don’t concern me a great deal, as I have common sense, and most of them reflect the need for a dose of reality and common sense. The ones that do bother me, however, are those that are written on the premise of being helpful, and yet are an extreme deterrent to any writer thinking about having her work published through Indie channels.

Whether these articles are written to really help folks remains to be seen. Some I have read are purely spitting out negativity and warnings to the new writer that, unless they have lots of money to back them up, and have written several books at one time, they don’t have a chance in the self-publishing world.

Personally, I don’t know if that’s true or not, so I choose not to join the bandwagon of those well-meaning, and sometimes even successful column or article writers. If I did hop on that bandwagon, the thrill of it all would completely vanish for me.

I am a dreamer, yes, but I do step into reality on a daily basis. I have a dream and some of it has been realized, but I have a long way to go. My way may not be the correct or most lucrative way, but that doesn’t mean I should put my tail between my legs and run along home, never to show my rookie-writer face or work on the internet again.

Oh no, that is not me. In fact, I am willing to bet that I have enjoyed the process of having my one itty-bitty book published more than anyone strictly in it for the profits. I share my tiny profits with my publisher while I share my first novel with the world. And soon, I will be taking the same journey with my second novel.

What do I get from this journey? A dream, however small, realized, and the amazing opportunity to have people read my fiction, which is my passion.

If all you want is to write your passion, see it published, hold the book in your hand, and experience the bliss of having others truly enjoy your work, then you don’t need a lot of advice.

You just need the basics. You need the heart. And you need to do it. Don’t wait until you have the perfect opportunity fall in your lap, because that may never happen. Just because you are small and new, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice.

I’m no authority, but if I could give any advice to that unpublished writer who may be holding a manuscript she has put her heart and soul into, I would simply say, don’t let anyone stomp on your dream.

Hmm, I may be closer to forming that hypothesis than I had originally thought.



WTFriday? Focus challenged. Daydream believer.

Whenever I have trouble focusing, I find it helpful to sit down and make a list.  It doesn’t have to be a list of things on which to focus, although it probably should be.  I’m no authority on this subject, so don’t take any notes.  Take this post, for example. If you just read every other word and string them together, you’ll find a secret message that is much more entertaining than my rambling on about focusing.

Not really.

There’s no secret message. 

Did I catch anyone?  Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. 

I suddenly have an amusing visual of my little sister writing down every other word, as instructed, and then reading the list of words out loud.  When finished, she wads the paper up and throws it at the computer, while screaming my name with colorful adjectives.  “What the fuck, Terri?  That ain’t right, teasing me like that.  I can’t help it if I’m short and I don’t catch on fast.  I’m gonna kick your ass next time I see you.  I mean it!” 

Okay maybe not.   Sorry LIL Sis.  You may be the vertically-challenged one, but I’m the one with the depleting brain cells.  Just this past Wednesday, I blew an interview because I didn’t understand the rules of the scenario in which I had been thrust.  It was one of those group interviews where they corral a bunch of people in together and make everyone watch everyone else fuck up.  I was one of those fuck-ups, and consequently, I did the walk of shame right out the door. 


So back to focusing.  I’m having a difficult time with that this week, and not just because of the terminal job hunt.  Here’s a visual list of reasons I can’t focus.  If you get bored, you can “focus” on all the pretty colors!   It’s a win-win the way I see it.

Number one.  The job hunt.  Always in the back of my mind.  Never goes away. Constant source of irritation.  I am so mad at number one, I’m not even going to supply a picture.  Fuck number one.

 Number two.  Finals week.  The rush to finish boring research papers and online exams.  Math sucks. I’m seeing independent variables and tangible something-or-others in my sleep.  Blarney poop. 

Number three. Wedding Bells are Ringing!   This is what I would rather focus on!  Abe and Amanda will be wed here in Vegas next weekend.  I’m so excited!  I love weddings, I love my son and new daughter-in-law-to-be.  Younger son arrives from Orlando on Wednesday. Abe and Amanda's entourage arrives from Boise on Thursday. Who wants to think about school and job hunts when wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air?  sigh....

Number four.  Sara’s Sleep.  I’m always thinking about my new novella and its upcoming launch as an eBook and on Paperback on Amazon.  Just last night, I received the cover art for the book and it is stunning, as you can see!  I was humbled.  The colors are amazing and the professionalism shines.   Karla, Katie, and Lin over at Adoro Books designed and created the cover and I am in lusty love. What a rush! 

This beats tequila shots, double vanilla lattes, and In-N-Out burgers, hands down.  My head has swollen up so big, I can hardly hold it up.  I may need a twelve step program for the over-inflated opinion I have of myself.  It could be terminal. 

Breathe, Terri.  Take deep breaths.

Focusing...Highly overrated.  

Daydreaming…Now there’s a worthwhile activity.