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My Friday Ramblings

This morning I got up and thought “I really hate my job”.   That’s really too bad, since I have to go to work.  I have two large papers due for grad school, and I’m going to be late turning them in….because of that job I hate.  However, again, I have to work.  I am hoping (big time hoping!) that once I have earned my Masters degree, I will be able to land a job that challenges and interests me….one that I look forward to doing instead of dreading each day when I get up.

Ok, so much for my whining. Pulling my big girl knickers up now and getting back to business.  That did feel good though!

I just heard it is National Mentors Month on The View.  And if they said it on The View, it must be gospel, right?   Anyhoooo, I have been blessed with having several amazing mentors in my life.   The first was my high school English teacher.  She was only a few years older than I and I probably had more of a crush on her than I should have had.  But.  She introduced me to the world of words, drama and literature.  And for that I am truly grateful.  I wonder what she’s doing these days? 

Another mentor was my English Professor in college (sensing a theme here?).  He was also the Dean of the English Department.  I had him for Creative Writing and he praised my every offering.  I was star-struck by this man…this writing god!   He made us keep a writing journal, and turn it in each week for his perusal.   He made amazing notes throughout my journal, saying such things as, “Terri, you are an amazing writer!”   and  “Terri, your organization is spot-on!”  He gave me the gift of confidence in my writing ability, as well as making my head swell to gargantuan proportions.   Forget wearing a hat!  I was an AMAZING writer.   

But seriously.   I had such a long ways to go.  I kept that journal and have it to this day.  When I read the pieces in that journal, I see a completely different person at 29 than I am today.  I was an ok writer, dotted all my t’s and crossed all my i’s…..but I was Not amazing.   I’m still working on amazing.   That professor was, though, an Amazing Mentor!

I’ve had many other mentors, too numerous to mention, but none in the last few years.   In fact, I am hoping I have been someone’s mentor along the way. 

So these were my Friday ramblings.  Now back to my studies.  And that NOT amazing job.   OY.

(Did I use enough ‘amazings’ in this post?)

Have you had an Amazing Mentor(s) in your life?