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Not your grandma's PBS

I have my English tea K-cups at the ready, beside my beloved Keurig.  I have a recipe for crumpets and will be shopping for the ingredients tomorrow.  I’ve been toning up my British accent for days now and I’m getting bloody good, if I do say so myself.

Why am I doing this stuff, you ask?

Well, if you have to ask, you won’t understand. But try to keep up. I’m only going to say this once.

Downton Abbey Season 4 looms on the horizon. 


The 1920s and flapper-fashion are the next big thing, and PBS is the new guilty pleasure for many of us.

But let me back up just a bit and explain to you non-believers.  Let me enlighten those of you who never ever ever click on the PBS channel for fear of being cursed with terminal boredom.

PBS is not like it used to be.  PBS carries amazing, quality viewing entertainment that will not only exercise your brain, but also lubricate your senses while seamlessly transporting you to other times, places and cultures. 

Downton Abbey is a prime example of superior, quality television.  From the writing to the characters, costumes and drama, Downton Abbey will spin its magic on you and leave you begging for more.

If you don’t believe me, just try out Season 1.  You can find it online, perhaps Netflix and/or Hulu Plus.  I can almost guarantee you won’t be able to stop after Season 1. In fact, I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see your delight and anticipation for each and every episode. 

If you decide to give it a view, let me know what you think. 

And, you’re welcome.

Those of you already hooked on Downton Abbey can relate to my obsession.  Some folks even have Downton Abbey viewing parties, in which everyone dresses up as his/her favorite character on the show.  My favorite character is Lady Violet, played by the amazing Maggie Smith.  I won’t be dressing up like her, but I will most certainly be toasting her entrance with a big gulp of my English tea.  Hell, I may even get up and curtsy. The possibility is not out of the question.

The premier episode of Downton Abbey Season 4 is but two days away.  I don’t know if I can wait that long. But I need to make it!   I hope I can!  As Lady Violet would so aptly put it: “Don’t be defeatist, dear, it’s very middle class.”

Lastly, just to whet your appetite and get your curios juices flowing; I’ve provided a few tidbits of info on some of the characters:

  • 4th from the right is Lady Mary.  Everyone she sleeps with seems to die. Reminds me a bit of the black widow spider who mates, has hot spider-sex, then kills her lover. 
  • 2nd from the right is Tom Branson.  He used to be the family chauffeur, but married the youngest daughter, who promptly died in childbirth, leaving Tom to raise their daughter alone. So, now Tom and his daughter are forever upstairs instead of downstairs.  A fairly tale story within a story.  This is good stuff, people.
  • 3rd from the left is Thomas Barrow. An ambitious, scheming footman, Thomas is the one you love to hate. He’s a schemer and a dreamer. He’s also gay which adds spice via a few steamy love scenes as well as heartbreaking rejections.  Thomas will annoy you, but you won’t forget him.


Okay, that is enough teasers for you.  So, what are you waiting for?  For you unfortunate souls who have yet to journey through the Downton Abbey experience, go forth and binge watch the first 3 seasons.  You won’t get much sleep, but you will thank me for leading you into temptation.

I love it when that happens.


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Hey! Look over there!!!



Over there!  To your right.  Do you see it? 






Yes!  That's my new novel. And folks, it is now available on Amazon for the Kindle edition. Synopsis of the book is below:

What would happen if a child’s pretend games never ended?

Katy played games with her pretend friends when she was a little girl. However, those friends did not disappear as she grew older.  Instead, she maintained and nurtured them and her unique world. She also made new imaginary friends with which to act out her maturing games.

The imaginary games changed as Katy grew older, becoming darker, sensuous and sometimes lethal.  She would go to any lengths to protect the secretive world she had created. 

One day, Louisa entered Katy’s life. The two became instant adversaries. Louisa knew there was a lot more to Katy than what appeared on the surface and she was determined to learn her secrets. Katy, however, was even more determined to keep them hidden.

Would Katy be successful at hiding her secrets and continue living in both the real world and her special, pretend world?  Or would Louisa delve into Katy’s life just enough to put herself in harm’s way?

And so began a dangerous dance between the two… 


Hope you will enjoy my book. It has truly been a labor of love. If you have the time, please leave a short review on Amazon.   That really helps and is much appreciated!

So YAY! I am so excited. I'm grinning from ear to ear! Nothing like that "new book" feeling to make this author's whole day. Or month. Or year even.  YAY!


OMG Two more weeks!


Hello friends!  Just two more weeks until:

  • I turn 60.  Oh gosh, that’s a lot to absorb, in and of itself. 


That’s not my big news.

Just two more weeks until:

  • Dark Pretense is born!

Stop the presses!  Film at eleven! 

The book promised way back in the spring has finally happened and will be available on Amazon, both in the Kindle version and in paperback. 


Why not celebrate MY birthday, by surfing on over and scooping up a copy of my new book?

But not until September 6th

I will include a link on this blog once the book is actually available for purchase.


(Hold on to your knickers for this part!)

IF you buy a copy of the paperback, just email me and I will (snail) mail you a sticker with a hand-written personal message and my autograph that you can cherish forever and put in your book.

I know right!  You must be sitting on the edge of your chairs. 

This is big, people.


Stay tuned for details for the online launch party at my author face book site,   Check out my page and Like me.  Because I like to be liked.  And stuff.

So that’s my news. 

Two more weeks until:

  • I join the geriatric demographic.  I hope they are ready for me. I’m still a youngun at heart.
  • I present my second book to the world. My baby. My passion. I’m giddy…

Pretty freaking awesome, when you think about it!!


One day it just hits you

Every now and then, something happens or someone says something that touches my core. I’m sure you know what I mean. You finally get it. Your eyes open and you see a situation with clarity and instead of feeling overwhelmed, you are energized and hopeful.

When it happens, it is a beautiful moment.

Without going into details and in order to protect the innocent, I will not disclose the conduit of my newly realized revelations.  A girl has to have a little mystery, after all.

Simply put, I am back. I am moving away from the gloom and doom. I am stepping out of the pity party and getting back to the business of my life.  It’s about time.

I’ll be 60 years old in a few weeks, and I refuse to let this milestone pass without recognizing its significance and celebrating the fact that I have been blessed and privileged to live 60 years.  Wow!

My second book, Dark Pretense, will be out around my birthday, and I hope you will celebrate with me by checking it out.   It has been a labor of love that I wish to share with the world.  Just knowing I am providing a few hours of entertaining reading to anyone warms my soul and fuels my passion to write, write, and write.

Details to come.

Much love!!

Now go out there and enjoy this amazing day!




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June 13th Book Launch Postponed - My Apologies

Regrettably, I will be again postponing the launch of my new novel, Dark Pretense.

I hope that you will forgive me and also bear with me while I offer an explanation.

Firstly, I did all the editing on the book myself.  I could not afford an editor.  This has caused me great concern, as I have worked very hard on the novel and truly put my heart and soul into it.  I have been through its pages more times than I can count, and each time, I have changed something.

Recently, however, I heard from an old friend who also happens to be a retired newspaper editor. He saw me on Face Book and asked about my writing.  Conversation ensued and to my surprise, he offered to read my manuscript for free.  I was beside myself with glee.  I figured even if he didn’t like it, at least a ‘professional’ would have a hand in its completion.

He did indeed, read my manuscript, and then, again to my surprise (and delight) he offered to provide editing advice to me at no charge.  He simply wants to extend a hand of friendship using his expertise.

And so, I have accepted his offer, and will be taking my book back into the editing process for a few weeks.

I’m sure all you writers out there completely understand my decision, and everyone else will forgive me because you love me.

So there you have it.

When will my novel be ready?

I’m not going to project a date.  I’m merely going to say that as soon as it is on Amazon, I will let everyone know and then we shall have our launch party!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.






On the awesomeness of Tuesday and new book cover art

Nothing special really happens on a Tuesday.  Let’s face it; Monday steals any thunder Tuesday may muster by being loaded with the tasks and responsibilities of a new week.  Then there is Wednesday, which is commonly referred to as ‘Hump Day’. One can dream, right?  Hump Day totally trumps Tuesday.  Thursday holds the anticipation of the upcoming weekend, thus leaving Tuesday bland and colorless. And I don’t even have to mention Friday because we all know Friday kicks ass! Both Saturday and Sunday are more noteworthy than Tuesday for obvious reasons. Duh, the weekend. ‘Nuff said.

Don’t you feel sorry for Tuesday now?

Well I’m about to change all of that!  As of today, which is Tuesday (unless you read this late Monday night, then just play along) there’s a new Book Cover in town!

Yes, folks, take a gander at the cover for my upcoming novel, Dark Pretense! Ain’t she a beauty?


However, as much as I may enjoy the limelight (and I do, immensely!)  I cannot take credit for this beautiful photo and cover art.  This is the expert crafting of my son, Glenn.  I had a vision (no pills or weed, just a real bonafide vision) of the kind of cover that would enhance my story and draw readers in.  Glenn took that vision and morphed it into something of which this Mom/author is mighty proud!

Thank you son! Once again, you have me bursting with pride and love. I am truly blessed.

That being said, my  son has done such an amazing job, I have already branded him as my own personal book cover graphic artist/photographer extraordinaire.  Yes, I said it.  He’s a rock star.

Glenn has become quite the accomplished photographer in a very short time. When he takes on a project, he goes full-on until he masters whatever mission he pursues.   If you’d like to see his beautiful photos on display, kindly visit his Flickr account at  Show him some love.  He is most deserving!

And now, about my new book…here’s a synopsis, a tease, if you will…

Katy has a secret, one she’s kept her entire life, and one she will go to any lengths to protect.  Louisa is drawn to Katy and her secret, and determined to uncover her past. As Katy’s life unravels, more clues are revealed, and Louisa realizes Katy’s potential to be of danger to anyone who crosses her path. A cat and mouse game of deadly proportions ensues as Louisa struggles to stay one step ahead of Katy in order to protect herself and others. Will Louisa succeed in uncovering the dark side of Katy, or will she meet her own untimely demise before completing her self-appointed mission?


Stay tuned!  Launch date for

Dark Pretense

will be announced soon!



Why fiction?

People often ask me why I write fiction. Hell, I ask myself that on a daily basis. I say, “Terri, why do you write fiction?” I mean, it really is a pain in the ass. It’s not like you can put it down and pick up where you left off the next day. It is a tiring, seemingly endless process.

And I love it.  That’s why I write fiction. Because I fucking love it.

I did spend the last two years writing lots and lots of non-fiction in the form of term papers and reports. I painfully recall the nightmare that was my thesis.  I have also written loads of non-fiction on this blog. And let us not forget (although I would very much like to) all those letters I wrote to my creditors, promising payment as soon as I landed a paying job. If any of my creditors are reading this, the check’s in the mail. Really.

I can write non-fiction. Really I can!

I just don’t want to.

Okay, those letters may have been more fiction than non-fiction, since I was stretching the truth and producing a little drama. Don’t judge.  So what, if I straddled the fence between fiction and non-fiction? It’s not the first time I ever straddled something…er, I mean straddled the fence about something.

Just yesterday I suffered through an anxiety attack brought on by my inability to decide whether to have a peanut butter sandwich with jelly or banana.  It was a tough decision.  Jailhouse Rock was playing on my iPod.  I was drawn in by images of pelvic thrusts and bedazzled capes.  I was leaning heavily (pun intended) toward Elvis’ personal fave.

What would you have done?

I ended up just eating the banana. No peanut butter. No sandwich. Just the banana. I’m a wild woman, but Elvis’ naughty gyrations just don’t do it for me anymore. 

It’s a freaking party-fest at my place.  Stuff is happening up in here all the time. Most people wouldn’t be able to handle all the excitement.  I’m serious. I’ve progressed all the way up to two naps, four trips up and down the hall with my walker, six cups of coffee, and eight trips to the potty…per day.  Throw in a jaunt to the door when the mailman knocks, and I’m pooped.  It hardly leaves any time or energy for frolicking, pillaging, or chasing my wife around the bed in my plaid boxers and John Elway football jersey. 

But you can’t have it all, right?

So that is why I write fiction.  I either completely make the shit up or I draw from some obscure previous experience in my life, then mix it all up in my head, and pepper it with dreams, desires, dirty dance moves, hallucinations, inclinations, delusions, and some seriously dramatized bullshit.

Then I write. 

For me it is not only a creative outlet for self-expression, but it is also a form of escapism.

And a damned good reason to drink cheap wine.


Dark Pretense finally a reality

The excitement is building. My nerves are on edge. Self-doubt is still lurking, but the big bad bitch called procrastination finally mounted her broom and flew the coop.

I finally finished my new book

All hail Queen Theresa!  The waters have indeed parted. The sun is out. Hell finally froze over. And I got off my lazy ass and made it all happen.


I started this journey during 2011’s NaNoWriMo, when I wrote the very first draft.  The working title at the time was The Secret.  Since that time, the story has had three different endings, been abandoned on numerous occasions for different projects, and caused its author a lot of sleepless nights and a fortune in cheap wine.

To say I’m proud of this book would be a huge understatement.

So now the fun starts. I haven’t settled on an exact online launch date yet, but it will be somewhere between the middle and last week of May.  Details to follow very soon, I promise.

My son and I are working on the cover art together, and should have something to share with the world within a couple weeks.   That is when it’s gonna get real for me -- when I can show you the book cover.

I am giddy. I am shaking with delight. I am beside myself with glee.  That Pollyanna bitch ain’t got anything on me!  I’m grinning from ear to ear.

So what’s my book about?  Three hints today.  More to follow in upcoming posts:

  • It’s about a woman with a secret.
  • It’s about a woman living with a secret her entire life.
  • It’s about a woman protecting her secret.


So that’s my big announcement today.  The book is finished, but there is much more to be done before I can begin pimping my wares on Amazon.

I am feeling the same butterflies I felt last year when Sara’s Sleep was about to be launched.

It’s like a really good drug.

Can’t get enough. This journey is so worth the effort. This feeling is so worth the journey.

I hope you’ll hang with me while I get my new fix on. It is my mission, my passion, and my pleasure to bring my new baby into the world.

I have Goosebumps.  For real.