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OMG Two more weeks!


Hello friends!  Just two more weeks until:

  • I turn 60.  Oh gosh, that’s a lot to absorb, in and of itself. 


That’s not my big news.

Just two more weeks until:

  • Dark Pretense is born!

Stop the presses!  Film at eleven! 

The book promised way back in the spring has finally happened and will be available on Amazon, both in the Kindle version and in paperback. 


Why not celebrate MY birthday, by surfing on over and scooping up a copy of my new book?

But not until September 6th

I will include a link on this blog once the book is actually available for purchase.


(Hold on to your knickers for this part!)

IF you buy a copy of the paperback, just email me and I will (snail) mail you a sticker with a hand-written personal message and my autograph that you can cherish forever and put in your book.

I know right!  You must be sitting on the edge of your chairs. 

This is big, people.


Stay tuned for details for the online launch party at my author face book site,   Check out my page and Like me.  Because I like to be liked.  And stuff.

So that’s my news. 

Two more weeks until:

  • I join the geriatric demographic.  I hope they are ready for me. I’m still a youngun at heart.
  • I present my second book to the world. My baby. My passion. I’m giddy…

Pretty freaking awesome, when you think about it!!


Four More Weeks!


Good day family, friends, and writerly colleagues!  I promised a launch date for my new suspense novel, Dark Pretense, and I am delivering!

Save the date!  Tuesday, May 28th, 2013.

I am so excited to announce this book launch!  Dark Pretense has been almost two years in the making, began during the NaNoWriMo writing competition in 2011.  It was put on the back burner for a long time, mostly due to other commitments and not being able to clone my twisted imagination…or my typing fingers. 

Oh that I could….

I’m bursting with pride. I’m exhausted. I am desperately in need of a manicure. I’m giddy. I’m grumpy (my very patient partner insisted I throw this one in).  I’m humble.  And did I say I am proud?  Cause I am.

But most of all, I am satisfied. If you write, you know what I am talking about.  I have been through writer’s block, which is code for “total brain disconnect.”  I have been through writer’s fright, which is code for “I’m scared to death someone will find a typo.”  I have been through writer’s high, which is code for “drinking through the pain and memory lapses”. 

But I digress…

Yes, I’ve been through that, too.  Digression just about did me in, but I made it through. I am a rock.

So, folks, please do me the honor of helping me celebrate this amazing journey.  

More details to come.  Which is code for “I’m gonna bug the shit out of you people and you’ll get fucking sick of seeing my name on your blog roll, face book, twitter, and/or email.  Also code for “Writer’s desperation”.  But you’ll still love me because that’s the kind of wonderful friends/family/readers I have.

So in the spirit of whatever I can still muster after this  I give you….


Until the launch of Dark Pretense

Be there or you’ll miss out on the prizes, cheap wine, canned cheese, pigs-in-a-blanket, and virtual huckleberry pie.  You’ll also miss out on the topless cocktail waitress and waiter (still taking applications for these positions), and really bad jokes (my personal favorite part of a book launch).

Trust me. You don’t wanna miss this, people. 

Can I be frank? 

This is big.

This is a thing.

And this is me, shamelessly plugging my face off.

Ya’ll come, ya hear?

Click HERE to see Party Details




 ADDENDUM:  Launch date has been changed to Thursday, June 13th from 4 to 7 pm PST.


Dark Pretense finally a reality

The excitement is building. My nerves are on edge. Self-doubt is still lurking, but the big bad bitch called procrastination finally mounted her broom and flew the coop.

I finally finished my new book

All hail Queen Theresa!  The waters have indeed parted. The sun is out. Hell finally froze over. And I got off my lazy ass and made it all happen.


I started this journey during 2011’s NaNoWriMo, when I wrote the very first draft.  The working title at the time was The Secret.  Since that time, the story has had three different endings, been abandoned on numerous occasions for different projects, and caused its author a lot of sleepless nights and a fortune in cheap wine.

To say I’m proud of this book would be a huge understatement.

So now the fun starts. I haven’t settled on an exact online launch date yet, but it will be somewhere between the middle and last week of May.  Details to follow very soon, I promise.

My son and I are working on the cover art together, and should have something to share with the world within a couple weeks.   That is when it’s gonna get real for me -- when I can show you the book cover.

I am giddy. I am shaking with delight. I am beside myself with glee.  That Pollyanna bitch ain’t got anything on me!  I’m grinning from ear to ear.

So what’s my book about?  Three hints today.  More to follow in upcoming posts:

  • It’s about a woman with a secret.
  • It’s about a woman living with a secret her entire life.
  • It’s about a woman protecting her secret.


So that’s my big announcement today.  The book is finished, but there is much more to be done before I can begin pimping my wares on Amazon.

I am feeling the same butterflies I felt last year when Sara’s Sleep was about to be launched.

It’s like a really good drug.

Can’t get enough. This journey is so worth the effort. This feeling is so worth the journey.

I hope you’ll hang with me while I get my new fix on. It is my mission, my passion, and my pleasure to bring my new baby into the world.

I have Goosebumps.  For real.





Holy cannoli Batman! Up in the sky! Is that a book launch?

July 1st, 2012.  The day my very first published book is launched. This is the day I've been waiting for my whole life. Well, maybe not my whole life, but that sounded really dramatic and special didn't it?

Today is the Official Online Book Launch Party for my lovely Sara's Sleep, a short novella of which I am mighty proud!

Please join me and several interesting, humorous, and fabulous people over on my Face book author's page for the party.  Just click on the invitation below to be transported right smack in the middle of the action:


If you have a particular affinity for Twitter over Face book, I will also be running the party over there.  My Twitter handle is @tsonoda and I'll be using the hashtag  #SarasSleep.   Multi-tasking is not my forte, so this should be a challenge.  I don't back down from challenges, but I have been known to forget my name in the midst of mayhem and too much frivolity. 

So please be gentle with me while I try to find my way.

Thanks.  Now skedaddle on over to the party. Well, between 2 and 4 pm Pacific Standard Time. If you go before then, just sit and look at the pretty pictures while you wait. I'm sure the cocktail waitress will be around shortly to get your order.  I'll have a margarita on the rocks please.

You are buying, aren't you?




Launch Party just one week away!

Get out the wine boxes and hang on tight to your knickers because it’s about to get HOT up in here! 

Sara’s Sleep, already for sale up on Amazon for Kindle, and in paperback, will be officially launched on my Face book Author’s page Sunday, July 1st, from 2 to 4 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Yes folks, it’s big.  It’s huge.  It’s freaking awesome is what it is!

I’ve been so giddy I can’t sit still.  In fact, I’ve been guest-blog-hopping just to keep my partner from wringing my neck.  My constant twitches, dancing in my skivvies and squealing like a little girl may be getting to her.  She keeps giving me “the look”.  I won’t explain “the look,” but imagine, if you will, a cross between a Hannibal Lecter and Jerry Lewis gaze.   It’s a bit disconcerting to say the least.  So I’m trying to keep my glee at bay, but I’m losing the fight, people.

But I digress.   I do that a lot.


In an effort to keep this post short and sweet, I’ll just say a couple more things. 


Event:   Sara’s Sleep Launch Party

Date and Time:   Sunday, July 1st from 2 to 4 pm PST

Place:   Just Click HERE.  Easy Peazy!

What can you expect from attending this party?  FUN, frolicking, friends, good conversation, prizes, and the satisfaction that you have helped me out yet again, in my writerly endeavors.  There will also be special guests: Mary Barker, the artist who created the beautiful sketch of Sara’s house featured in my book, and also Karla and Katie from Adoro Books.   These are some awesome babes!

How amazing is this?    Freaking Amazing!

How amazing are YOU?   Fucking amazing!  I had to say it.   There are just no other words to describe my love and admiration for you people.

How amazing am I?  Not so much.  But I am humble, grateful and blessed in this life, for so many reasons.

Peace out and much love!  Hope to see you there!   XOXOs



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