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Gone is the summer of my discontent


I’m sure it is of no surprise to anyone that summer is not my favorite season. While others bask in the sunshine, laze by the lake, picnic on the patio, and devour s’mores around the campfire, I can be found sucking up all the ice-cold beverages and air-conditioning I can handle.

Am I the only miserable person on the planet because of summer?  .

I know I’m a terrible person.  It’s unheard of to hate summer.  How dare I? 

Summer. The season where intelligent beings are reduced to watching Wipeout while waiting on the fall TV season. Sweat. And did I say bad TV?  Really bad.

Football withdrawals.

Ill-tempered drivers. 

Hot car door handles.

Hot steering wheels.

Forget about going barefoot. 

But, whatever you do, don’t forget the sunscreen.

Ah, but all that is behind me now.  It is September and the temps in Vegas have gone from the 110s to the high 90s.  I may need to don my winter coat. Vegas locals have thin blood, which is partially from the free booze at the casinos, but mostly from the weather.

My ever-present OCD has me making a spreadsheet listing the fall TV shows and their start dates and times.  I refuse to miss a single episode of Dancing With the Stars or Scandal

Football is nigh and I am giddy. Oh Peyton, how I’ve missed you!

Soon I will be able to open a car door without using a towel to keep from getting scalded.  That, in and of itself, is epic.  You’d have to be a Vegasite to understand.

Summer! I bid you a fond farewell! I would say I’m going to miss you, but instead, I’m doing the happy dance.  You know the dance.  It’s just like the one parents do on their kids’ first day back to school.





Monday Listicles - Ten things I love about autumn


Happy Monday!  I’m linking up with the lovely Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles.  This week’s list is Ten thing I love about autumn. Truthfully, I could list dozens and dozens of things I love about fall, but I did manage to narrow it down to ten pretty darned good ones.  Fall is my very favorite time of year. Food, football and fresh air.  Why fresh air, you ask? Because I can finally go outside without burning to a crisp.  Gotta NOT love those Vegas summers. I think my very favorite thing about fall is that it's not summer any more.  That's kinda sad, no?

Anywho, here goes...


Ten things I love about autumn


  • A really good cup of coffee to take off the morning chill. And the evening chill. There’s also the fact that I’m addicted and need my caffeine. So keep the path clear between me and the coffee pot, please.
  • Football to take out my sportish frustrations. Don’t ask. Okay you can ask but it won’t be pretty.

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders - Gosh I love football!

  • A really good cup of coffee. With a generous squirt of Baileys Irish Crème. Baby oh baby. Smooth, sweet, and sexy. Best way to drink coffee. I wouldn’t lie to you about a thing like that.


  • The beautiful fall colors. Everywhere but Vegas. I have to Google my fall colors and stare at a computer to get my fix.  That’s just wrong on several levels.

  • A really good cup of coffee. With a generous squirt of Hazelnut flavoring.  And a good book . And a roaring fireplace. Oh yea, and a redhead.  Just to keep with the “colorful” theme, you understand.
  • Fall TV shows.  So glad Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, The Good Wife, Dancing with the Stars, and Once Upon a Time are back!   I can do without the freaking political ads, though. 
  • A really good cup of hot chocolate.  And not from an envelope. Homemade with chocolate and milk.  Ohhhhh.  How many Weight Watcher’s points?  I don’t know. I look the other way. Shhh, please don’t tell on me.
  • Cooler weather.  In Vegas, we finally dip down under the 100’s around October, and enjoy glorious weather until the following May. Don’t hate. We win.
  • A really good glass of wine.  Preference is a nice merlot, room temperature.  Make that two glasses. And where did that redhead go?

  • Pumpkin pie.  I begin the cravings in October and they don’t end until January. I can’t control it. It’s bigger than me.  I just go with it. It is pumpkin pie, people!   It would be un-American to turn such basic goodness down.   And please, don’t be stingy when cutting my slice, either.  Or you could just bring me the whole pie and a fork. I’ll take it from there.


 *Images from Google Images