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Birthday hangover


Good Sunday morning everyone!  And Happy Grandparents’ Day to all the Grandmas,Grandpas, MawMaws and PawPaws, Nanas and PopPops, etc, out there.  I’m sitting here in my easy chair, sipping some amazing coffee from my new Keurig coffee system, and feeling the afterglow of having survived a birthday milestone.

So far this being sixty business ain’t so bad.  I had visions of instant wrinkles on top of the ones I already had, along with wiry, uncontrollable grey hair that wouldn’t take color, and a severe craving for pureed vegetables and soup through a straw.

Ah, but it was not to be.  Thank goodness.

I still crave nachos and margaritas.  I still have a sex drive. TMI?  I still like my loud classic rock music  and If I had any idea where to get weed, I would be higher than a kite right now.

So, basically, nothing has changed.

The last two years have been real eye-openers for me, however. I have earned a Masters degree and had two books published.  That’s the good stuff. I’ve also learned how to live with a whole lot less than I had before as well, thanks to the fucking economy.  Ah, but we’ve all learned about that, haven’t we?

If I had one piece of advice (and don’t I always?) for anyone and everyone out there (especially you younger folks) it would be to get off your bums and start living your life.  Put the video games down and get out there and make your own adventure.  Stop living vicariously through your favorite TV program. 

YOU are your own best character in your own life’s novel.  How will you proceed through each chapter? Will you stomp bravely into each day, rolling out of bed and seizing every moment and opportunity?  Will you take the more holistic approach to life, and enjoy each delicious second of the sights, sounds, and smells around you?  Will you seek out your loved ones and not waste another precious minute with them?  Or will you incorporate all of these scenarios into your life’s pages?

How will you write your novel?

How will I write my life’s novel?

One precious, amazing day at a time.

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Announcing Dark Pretense Online Launch Party!

Well, it took long enough, didn’t it?   You’ve seen the title plastered all over my blog, Facebook and Twitter.  You’ve witnessed me promising delivery, and then postponing…a couple of times if memory serves.

Not this time!

Dark Pretense is finally here.  The Kindle edition is already on Amazon, and the paperback will be there within days.

So it is time to party!

Please join me online at  My Facebook Author Page (click here)  on Friday, September 6th from 4 to 6 pm PST. 

There will be fun, frivolity, and even a couple prizes.  I’m hoping to even come up with a couple of fresh new jokes for the occasion, but I make no promises on that one.

And if you can’t make it, don’t feel bad or anything.  It’s ONLY my 60th birthday that day.

Just sayin..

So, if you really really really want to make my birthday special, drop by the party.  And while you’re at it, drop over to Amazon and pick up a copy of my new book.   

And if you happen to know any new jokes please share.  I know we can all use a good laugh these days.

LOVE you all!  See you Friday! 




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Hey! Look over there!!!



Over there!  To your right.  Do you see it? 






Yes!  That's my new novel. And folks, it is now available on Amazon for the Kindle edition. Synopsis of the book is below:

What would happen if a child’s pretend games never ended?

Katy played games with her pretend friends when she was a little girl. However, those friends did not disappear as she grew older.  Instead, she maintained and nurtured them and her unique world. She also made new imaginary friends with which to act out her maturing games.

The imaginary games changed as Katy grew older, becoming darker, sensuous and sometimes lethal.  She would go to any lengths to protect the secretive world she had created. 

One day, Louisa entered Katy’s life. The two became instant adversaries. Louisa knew there was a lot more to Katy than what appeared on the surface and she was determined to learn her secrets. Katy, however, was even more determined to keep them hidden.

Would Katy be successful at hiding her secrets and continue living in both the real world and her special, pretend world?  Or would Louisa delve into Katy’s life just enough to put herself in harm’s way?

And so began a dangerous dance between the two… 


Hope you will enjoy my book. It has truly been a labor of love. If you have the time, please leave a short review on Amazon.   That really helps and is much appreciated!

So YAY! I am so excited. I'm grinning from ear to ear! Nothing like that "new book" feeling to make this author's whole day. Or month. Or year even.  YAY!


OMG Two more weeks!


Hello friends!  Just two more weeks until:

  • I turn 60.  Oh gosh, that’s a lot to absorb, in and of itself. 


That’s not my big news.

Just two more weeks until:

  • Dark Pretense is born!

Stop the presses!  Film at eleven! 

The book promised way back in the spring has finally happened and will be available on Amazon, both in the Kindle version and in paperback. 


Why not celebrate MY birthday, by surfing on over and scooping up a copy of my new book?

But not until September 6th

I will include a link on this blog once the book is actually available for purchase.


(Hold on to your knickers for this part!)

IF you buy a copy of the paperback, just email me and I will (snail) mail you a sticker with a hand-written personal message and my autograph that you can cherish forever and put in your book.

I know right!  You must be sitting on the edge of your chairs. 

This is big, people.


Stay tuned for details for the online launch party at my author face book site,   Check out my page and Like me.  Because I like to be liked.  And stuff.

So that’s my news. 

Two more weeks until:

  • I join the geriatric demographic.  I hope they are ready for me. I’m still a youngun at heart.
  • I present my second book to the world. My baby. My passion. I’m giddy…

Pretty freaking awesome, when you think about it!!


Seriously. No really...

Does everything annoy you these days? 

Does the neighbor’s little yippy-dog grate on your last nerve every time you hear him announce his latest bowel movement with a shrill, fingernails-on-a-blackboard whine?

Does the producer of those generic crackers make you want to write an anonymous hate letter because at least half of the crackers are in tiny bits upon opening?

Do you want to personally disassemble and torture your bathroom scale because of its obvious lack of sensitivity to you and your weight issues?

Do you want to stomp on the gas pedal and shove your car right up the ass of the driver in front of you who just cut you off?

Does ‘writer’s block’ hit you just before you are reaching the climax of your story and then render you helpless and unsatisfied?

Do you always seem to get in the slowest line at the supermarket?

Do you always seem to pick oranges with thick skins that, when peeled, leave your fingernails in mangled disarray?

Does your mouth get you into trouble?  Even when you only open it long enough to change feet?

Does your Mother-in-Law look better than you’ve ever seen her in your dreams with that noose around her neck?

Do you really miss that half glass of wine you inadvertently spilled?  So much so that you contemplate licking it off the table? Waste not, want not…

Does that perky little twenty-something bank teller call you sweetie? How about that more refined thirty-something calling you dear?  And then there’s that forty-something bitch who has some nerve calling you honey?  Do you stay awake at night plotting your revenge or just flip them off and open some more wine?

Do your kids think you know nothing about anything?  Just because you asked why the hell they just have to have Blu-Ray, Netflix, Siri, Instagram, Twitter, and Candy Crush Saga on every device they own?  Oh wait, that's me.


Does this stuff annoy you?

If not, just wait. 

No, really.

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One day it just hits you

Every now and then, something happens or someone says something that touches my core. I’m sure you know what I mean. You finally get it. Your eyes open and you see a situation with clarity and instead of feeling overwhelmed, you are energized and hopeful.

When it happens, it is a beautiful moment.

Without going into details and in order to protect the innocent, I will not disclose the conduit of my newly realized revelations.  A girl has to have a little mystery, after all.

Simply put, I am back. I am moving away from the gloom and doom. I am stepping out of the pity party and getting back to the business of my life.  It’s about time.

I’ll be 60 years old in a few weeks, and I refuse to let this milestone pass without recognizing its significance and celebrating the fact that I have been blessed and privileged to live 60 years.  Wow!

My second book, Dark Pretense, will be out around my birthday, and I hope you will celebrate with me by checking it out.   It has been a labor of love that I wish to share with the world.  Just knowing I am providing a few hours of entertaining reading to anyone warms my soul and fuels my passion to write, write, and write.

Details to come.

Much love!!

Now go out there and enjoy this amazing day!




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Terri's Little Corner on Vacay

I’m taking the summer off from my blog.  I have things to do and I need a vacation from blogging.


Quite frankly:

  • The well has run dry.
  • The chickens quit laying.
  • The light is on but nobody’s home.
  • I’m off my game.
  • I lost my edge.  Or maybe my mind.
  • My creativity flew the coop. (Maybe that’s what happened to the chickens).
  • I got nuthin’.


I’m taking the summer off and getting some other things done that need my attention.   To be more specific, I need to work on my health.  Most of you know I have mobility issues, but you probably don’t know the extent of my issues.  I won’t bore you with details, but suffice to say, I need to apply myself if I want to see improvement.

I know you wish me well.    I wish all of you a wonderful summer.  I will be visiting my favorite blogs, of course, as I can.  Please drop a line when you have time.  I will miss you all.

See you in September!  (Wasn’t there a song about that?)

Unless I get some magical inspiration and decide to come back sooner.

Stranger things have happened.





June 13th Book Launch Postponed - My Apologies

Regrettably, I will be again postponing the launch of my new novel, Dark Pretense.

I hope that you will forgive me and also bear with me while I offer an explanation.

Firstly, I did all the editing on the book myself.  I could not afford an editor.  This has caused me great concern, as I have worked very hard on the novel and truly put my heart and soul into it.  I have been through its pages more times than I can count, and each time, I have changed something.

Recently, however, I heard from an old friend who also happens to be a retired newspaper editor. He saw me on Face Book and asked about my writing.  Conversation ensued and to my surprise, he offered to read my manuscript for free.  I was beside myself with glee.  I figured even if he didn’t like it, at least a ‘professional’ would have a hand in its completion.

He did indeed, read my manuscript, and then, again to my surprise (and delight) he offered to provide editing advice to me at no charge.  He simply wants to extend a hand of friendship using his expertise.

And so, I have accepted his offer, and will be taking my book back into the editing process for a few weeks.

I’m sure all you writers out there completely understand my decision, and everyone else will forgive me because you love me.

So there you have it.

When will my novel be ready?

I’m not going to project a date.  I’m merely going to say that as soon as it is on Amazon, I will let everyone know and then we shall have our launch party!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.