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It's the little things

Life has brought some challenges to me over the past four years.  I lost a job that paid very well.  My mobility issues got worse, to the point that I currently use a walker. Finances have been a constant worry.  I could go on and on.


Through all of this, I have learned so much about myself.  Yes, even an old broad of sixty can learn new things. 

Before I lost that job, I had never really worried about securing gainful employment.  I went about my days living in the moment, spending money, and enjoying myself. I didn’t give much thought to the future.

I had my head up my own ass, if you will.

Before my mobility issues worsened, I didn’t take care of myself. I ate all the wrong things, rarely exercised, and didn’t manage to control my weight.   Over the years, all the signs were there but I refused to acknowledge them, much less do anything about them.  At first, I just had trouble walking after I had been sitting a long time. Then it became very painful to walk any longer than five minutes at a time. Slowly, over the years, it became worse and worse.  Now I shuffle through the apartment with a walker. 

Head up my ass?  Oh yes. Still.

So what am I doing about all this?  As for the job situation, I pretty much started over.  I consider myself very lucky to have found any job at all in today’s economy. I am working full-time from home, with benefits. The pay is small, but it covers the bills, and for this I am very grateful. 

Recently, my partner and I went from a two car family to a one car family, due to not being able to afford repairs on the older car.  We got rid of it but now I’m stuck at home most of the time.  It gets me down, but I know it won’t be forever.

I’m using my royalties from the sale of my books to save up for another car.  It may take a couple years, but I’ll get there.  So please help me out and spread the word about my books.  Every little bit helps.

I’m seeing another specialist about my mobility problems tomorrow.  I’m hoping treatment will be in my very near future.  At this point, all I can dream about is crossing the living room floor without assistance.  That sounds like heaven to me.  It’s such a little thing that most people take for granted, but for me it would represent freedom, however brief.

So, why did I title this post “It’s the little things that count”?

  • Little things, such as a sales clerk at Wal-Mart remembering my name.
  • Little things, like the garbage man chasing me down to grab my trash bags as I try to drag them to the trash bin with one hand, while holding on tightly to my cane with the other hand.  And he always has such a big smile for me. 
  • Little things, like being able to use the car once a week and driving along with the music blaring.  Freedom from the invisible bars around my apartment.  Fresh air.  People. Life still happening whether I’m a part of it or not.
  • Little things, like the kindness of strangers. Most recently, a woman who professed to be 76 years old helping me put groceries in my car because she saw me walking bent over the grocery cart.  She praised me for not giving up on walking.  I cried all the way home. 
  • Little things like a call, text or even a mention on Face Book from either of my sons.  They have no idea what that means to me. 
  • Little things, like the pride in my little sister’s voice when she praises my writing.  She really is my number one fan.  I’m humbled by her beautiful spirit.
  • Little things, like hearing the voice of my best friend over the phone, and thanking God every day that she is okay.  Her courage and grace inspire me and give me renewed resolve to move forward.

It’s those little things that put the sweetness back into my life and give me hope for a better tomorrow.

I sincerely hope that I will never take life for granted again. 

Instead, I will continue forward and face my challenges with the courage and strength I know in my heart that I possess.

Right now, I think I will enjoy another one of those special little things…a really good cup of coffee. I hear today is National Coffee Day. How cool is that?

What little things count in your life?



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