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Monday Listicles - Random Stuff


Happy Monday!  I’m linking up with the lovely Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles.  This week’s list is Ten things about Random stuff.  Since my brain is chock full of Random Stuff, this one was easy for me.


1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, and find line 4. What is it?

“…Horrific and they were about people I loved,” from my new book, Sara’s Sleep. What?  It was the nearest!  Honest.   

2. How many times a day do you say Hi?  Gosh, as many times as possible. It’s a dandy little word, full of so many possibilities, isn’t it?

3. Have you ever worn a uniform?  Yes, Air Force uniform. Proudly!

4. What do you think about the most?   Food probably, or sex.  No, food, definitely. No wait…

5. How many keys are on your key ring? Three. Or four. I would look but my purse is way over there.

6. What was the last thing you bought?  Cookies.  Yummy yummy cookies. They are Lotus brand Biscoff. “Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee,” according to the package.

7. Are you growing anything these days?  Unwanted hair on my chin and upper lip.  One of these days unwanted hair will be fashionable, and I can stop the incessant plucking. 

8. What is under your bed?  A plastic box I bought to store pictures and stuff. I bought it seven years ago when I moved in. I still haven’t put anything in the box.

9. What is most important in life?  Two answers:  Family and Happiness.  Both so different but for me; both so vital to my well-being.

10. What is the strangest word you used this week?  Diet.  I’m trying, I really am. Except for the Biscoff…


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