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WTFriday? Focus challenged. Daydream believer.

Whenever I have trouble focusing, I find it helpful to sit down and make a list.  It doesn’t have to be a list of things on which to focus, although it probably should be.  I’m no authority on this subject, so don’t take any notes.  Take this post, for example. If you just read every other word and string them together, you’ll find a secret message that is much more entertaining than my rambling on about focusing.

Not really.

There’s no secret message. 

Did I catch anyone?  Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. 

I suddenly have an amusing visual of my little sister writing down every other word, as instructed, and then reading the list of words out loud.  When finished, she wads the paper up and throws it at the computer, while screaming my name with colorful adjectives.  “What the fuck, Terri?  That ain’t right, teasing me like that.  I can’t help it if I’m short and I don’t catch on fast.  I’m gonna kick your ass next time I see you.  I mean it!” 

Okay maybe not.   Sorry LIL Sis.  You may be the vertically-challenged one, but I’m the one with the depleting brain cells.  Just this past Wednesday, I blew an interview because I didn’t understand the rules of the scenario in which I had been thrust.  It was one of those group interviews where they corral a bunch of people in together and make everyone watch everyone else fuck up.  I was one of those fuck-ups, and consequently, I did the walk of shame right out the door. 


So back to focusing.  I’m having a difficult time with that this week, and not just because of the terminal job hunt.  Here’s a visual list of reasons I can’t focus.  If you get bored, you can “focus” on all the pretty colors!   It’s a win-win the way I see it.

Number one.  The job hunt.  Always in the back of my mind.  Never goes away. Constant source of irritation.  I am so mad at number one, I’m not even going to supply a picture.  Fuck number one.

 Number two.  Finals week.  The rush to finish boring research papers and online exams.  Math sucks. I’m seeing independent variables and tangible something-or-others in my sleep.  Blarney poop. 

Number three. Wedding Bells are Ringing!   This is what I would rather focus on!  Abe and Amanda will be wed here in Vegas next weekend.  I’m so excited!  I love weddings, I love my son and new daughter-in-law-to-be.  Younger son arrives from Orlando on Wednesday. Abe and Amanda's entourage arrives from Boise on Thursday. Who wants to think about school and job hunts when wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air?  sigh....

Number four.  Sara’s Sleep.  I’m always thinking about my new novella and its upcoming launch as an eBook and on Paperback on Amazon.  Just last night, I received the cover art for the book and it is stunning, as you can see!  I was humbled.  The colors are amazing and the professionalism shines.   Karla, Katie, and Lin over at Adoro Books designed and created the cover and I am in lusty love. What a rush! 

This beats tequila shots, double vanilla lattes, and In-N-Out burgers, hands down.  My head has swollen up so big, I can hardly hold it up.  I may need a twelve step program for the over-inflated opinion I have of myself.  It could be terminal. 

Breathe, Terri.  Take deep breaths.

Focusing...Highly overrated.  

Daydreaming…Now there’s a worthwhile activity.




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