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Monday Listicles - Ten things I love about my Dad

Happy Monday!  I’m linking up with the lovely Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles.  This week’s list is Ten things about my Dad.  I could make a list of tens of tens about my Dad, and it would all be amazing.  I have that great of a Dad.  He's got it all, folks, and I'm here to shout it to the blogosphere.  I HAVE a SUPER DAD!    


  • His unconditional love and support.
  • When I was 8 years old, my Dad made me a bicycle. He built it from the ground up. It was purple and the most beautiful bike a little girl could ever want.
  • His wit.  He tells silly jokes, and sometimes over and over again.  But I love each and every one.  Well maybe not the ones about snot.
  • When I was 13 years old, Dad drove me and my date to my first prom.  My date and I sat in the back seat.  It was amazing how we ever made it to the prom alive because Dad’s head was turned around watching us the whole time.  Scared the heck out of my date.  I'm pretty sure my Dad was fine with that.
  • His wisdom.  Dad doesn’t have a bunch of degrees, but he can build and fix anything.  He knows more about gardening and cooking than a room full of Martha Stewart's, and he is an avid reader.
  • When I was 15, my Dad took me out in his souped-up, vintage '57 Ford, and tried to teach me to drive a stick shift.  I was an idiot and ended up running the car into a ditch in a panic.  Only, I didn't stop there, I kept the foot on the gas pedal while the tires dug into the mud.  I ruined Dad's car.  He didn't even get mad.  But Mom did.  Oh boy...
  • His compassion.  Dad loves with everything he has.  His heart is as big as Texas.  His hands are tough from hard work, yet his embrace is gentle and kind.  Just look at his handsome face. His smile tells it all.
  • When I was 20, and had just had my first baby, Dad drove all the way from Atlanta to Wichita Falls, Texas, to see me and his first grandson.  My Mom had flown out, and we didn’t expect my Dad to make it because of work, but he did.   I’ll never forget the look of love on his face when I handed him his grandson.
  • His charm.  My Dad treats all women and girls like ladies.  He pulls out chairs, holds doors, carries packages.  He’s “old school” charming, and I don’t know many women who don’t appreciate that.
  • When I was 35 and finally told my Dad I was a lesbian, he had many things to say.  Things like, “You’re my daughter, and whoever you love is up to you. I love you no matter what.”   And when I brought my first female partner home to meet him, he welcomed her with open arms, as he has all my partners.  And yes, he laid on the “charm” for her, too.

 Can you tell I’m proud of my Dad?   If not, I have ten more reasons.  And if you’re still not convinced, ten more after that.  And so on and so on...   

 MY Dad Rocks!


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