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WTFriday - Follow Friday Faux Pas

If you’ve read me, you know that I have to include some flashback moments in every post and comment I make.  I try to relate my crazy life to others but fall short most of the time.  But not without a few carefully placed laughs, that’s for sure.  You gotta laugh right?   I do.

That being said, I grew up old school (because I’m old and stuff) and when she wasn’t drunk, my Mom was adamant about teaching me manners.  I know how to act around my elders (all two of them).   I know how to be in polite society, how to eat and drink properly, and even how to hold my tea cup.  I was taught to walk straight by walking around the house with a book on my head.  Sometimes I would even do that while reading a book.  Not the same book.  That would be impossible.  Try to stay with me, folks.

So I have manners.  When I had kids I tried to teach them manners, too.  Not the book on the head manners.  They were boys, and I spent most of my time and energy just trying to catch up with them and their antics.  I did teach them to be polite to their elders, hold doors and pull out chairs for the ladies, and generally, just be kind.   And they learned.  And they are.   Kind, that is.  And they always hold my door for me when the occasion arises.  Good boys!

Today, all those manners I learned seem to be moot, outdated and old-fashioned.  I am a woman of manners. But I am also a modern woman.  I thrive on change. Therefore, I needed me some new manners.


Every Friday, I get on Twitter and show some love to my bloggy buddies.  What’s that got to do with manners?  Nothing really.  But I told you, I digress, and sometimes it’s ugly and not pertinent at all.  Just bear with me ‘um kay?


There’s this thing on Twitter that people do, called Follow Friday.  What you do is, you type in the hashtag #FF and then proceed to add your favorite twitter friends as space allows.   And please, don’t ask me about hashtags.  I just know #FF is a hashtag and I don’t care what it means.   Anywho, for example, I might tweet the following:

#FF @northhorizon

My son’s gonna hate this, because that’s his Twitter name.  Bawwwaaahhh!

So I continue doing this until I’ve added all my friends.  I do this every single Friday.  It’s actually not even popular. Not many people do it anymore.  They’ve all gone on to the 21st Century and other tweetie thingys.  Not me.  I like Follow Friday.  I’ll be doing Follow Friday until the Twitter people find out and take my handle away.  It could happen.  I don’t think Twitter is for old people.  But I’m sneaking in there and doing my Follow Friday as long as I can get by with it.   I’m cool like that.


What’s my Faux Pas?   I’m so glad you asked.

My faux pas for Follow Friday when twittering or tweetering, or tweeting or twatting (no that can’t be right) or twittereeting (just pick one)  is that I always forget at least one important friend every Friday.


Most times it’s either the lovely Ally at Just a Normal Mom or snake-charmer Arizona neighbor Sandy at Flying WG.  I’m sorry ladies.  I love you both.  I don’t know why I keep doing that.  I’ve actually forgotten Ally more times than Sandy, but today was Sandy’s turn. 

So how do I make up for this modern-day miss-manner catastrophe? 

I’m slick, that’s how.

When I figure out I forgot someone, I make a spectacle out of it by giving that person her very own #FF tweet, with a little paragraph on her awesomeness.  I have no idea if it works, but it’s all I got people.

I don’t want to be caught with my Miss Manners knickers down, so to speak. 

I’m nothing without my Manners.  Unless I have wine.  That trumps manners.

Thanks a lot Mom.  See what you caused?

So what’s your latest Faux Pas?   C’mon, you know you have one. Or two. Let it out.  Confession is good for the soul.

And while you’re at it, get on Twitter and follow @sandy_webb and @NormalMomAlly.  Why?  Because it’s Friday and I’m pretty sure it’s a thing.




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