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WTFriday? Name that protagonist

As a self-proclaimed serious writer, I try to give myself a word-number goal for each of my writing sessions.  I rarely ever reach the goal for many reasons, but mostly because my mind wanders.  It’s either because of age, the wine, or my fantasies.  Or it could be all three.  I wouldn’t put it past me. 

I have been known to spend hours finding just the right name for my heroine.  I don’t know exactly why this is so important to me, but it borders on the ridiculous when I’m up to 20,000 words and still have no name for my main character.

It’s not like I don’t have a gazillion names from which to choose.  Seriously, the list is endless, and that’s not even counting the ones I completely make up in my head.  For example, I made up  SalindaSue, Merridiculitis, and Jethroidia. Don’t ask.

For my women characters, I have a very short list of favorite names, and I have an unexplainable urge to use them every time.  OCD rears its ugly head.  My two favorite women character names are Sara (no duh) and Katy (main character in my next novel. Again no duh).    I think I prefer Sara because it was supposed to be my daughter’s name…until I realized both the little bundles they handed me were boys.  Katy is a derivative of my middle name Kay, and I’ve always preferred it to the blarney name my Momma slapped on me.

My apologies for the rambling.  It’s hot outside.  My brain is trying to adapt.  Wine bottle’s empty.

Does that ever happen to you?   No, not the empty wine bottle!  Do you want everybody to be named Sara or Katy?  

My mind refuses to accept new input for naming characters. In fact, if I had a story containing six sisters, I would have to fight the urge to name them Sara Nicole, Sara Lynn, Sara Katy, Katy Nicole, Katy Lynn and Katy Sara.  

Is that weird?  Do I need medication?  I’ll take two or five of the pink capsules, thank you.

My two stand-in favorites for Sara and Katy are Maria and Susan.

After that I got nothin’.

And what about the men, you ask?  I like one syllable names for them.  Mark, Sam, Ben, Bob, Jim.  Doesn’t matter, just plug one in.  Ahem. Of course my ‘made-up’ male names take on a life of their own. For example, I made up Scrarge, Coxsuage, and Hornus.  Don’t ask, because I am certain I am not suffering from penis envy…Pretty certain.  

Most of my stories will not have a male hero.  I prefer heroines because when I read others’ stories, I want to see some strong, powerful, successful and scantily clad women…not some dude, hunky, hung or otherwise.  Sorry, but I like what I like.  I’m spoiled rotten.  Just give me the ladies.  Two or even three at a time. I can train them, not a problem, as long as I can rename them.  I’m thinking Katy Mae or Sara Belle.

[Insert statement about digressing here]   Again, my apologies.

Maybe the next time I need a name for my heroine, I’ll host a contest.  You never know, I might pick something completely different than my norm:  Sara Marie perhaps.  Or Katy LuAnn. 

You see?  I can do it.  I can be spontaneous. 

Damn the OCD, full speed ahead!  I’m going rogue!  I can see Alaska from my kitchen window! 

Oh wait, that’s the Tastee Freez.  

I’ll have a double-dipped vanilla in a sugar cone please.

Disclaimer 1: Please don’t sue me if your name is Sara or Katy.  I know not what my fingers type-eth, and turns out my lawyer’s not licensed in this state.

Disclaimer 2:   No Sara’s or Katy’s were harmed during the writing of this post.  I did beat the shit out of my Chatty Cathy doll, but she had it coming.  The bitch just would not shut up.



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