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One for the Books

Sometimes I get all excited.  But then sometimes I get downright giddy.  Today, I’m excited and giddy all at the same time.  And why?  Because one of my favorite people is “in the house”.  Karla Telega, my bloggy buddy for almost two years now, is a woman of many talents:  blogger, author, humorist, CFO of her own company, and all-around nice person.  And you know what else?  She’s here to make an announcement!  And it involves yours truly, so listen up people. This is going to be good! 

 And now, please join me in welcoming the lovely Karla..

 One for the Books

My thanks to Terri for inviting me to introduce a relative newcomer on the Indie/Small Press Publishing scene. I’m co-founder and part owner of Escrit Lit, LLC, and its premier imprint, Adoro Books.

Let me share a few realities about publishing. Seventeen new books are published each hour in the U.S. alone. That’s 408 books per day. If you’re thinking about an indie/small press publisher to give you that extra push to get your book noticed, you should know that most new indie publishers close their doors within six months of incorporation.

I know of a small press that was recently caught stealing art from the web to use on its cover designs. The company had been pumping out books by the dozens for unsuspecting authors. Can you imagine the legal nightmare?!

Indie publishing has very little regulation, and business models are as innovative and varied as you can imagine. If you strip away all the window-dressing, the question is still, “Where is the money?” Is the publisher asking you, the author for money, or is he paying you? You know that a publisher who is paying the author has a vested interest in the success of the book. He doesn’t get paid till the author gets paid.

So far, in our first year Adoro has only published seven new titles. That might seem rather uninspiring, but it’s all part of the company’s business plan. Unlike book mills, that crank out more books than they could possibly ever market, Adoro is committed to turning out a quality product and getting it into the readers’ hands. We’re excited to announce that our current project is Terri’s own novella, Sara’s Sleep.

Those of you who have been following Terri’s blog know what an outstanding storyteller she is. We’d like to invite you to an online launch party for Sara’s Sleep on July 1. Watch for details here, or you can go to Terri’s author page on Facebook and show her some “like” love over there. I’m personally thrilled that Terri has put her faith in Adoro Books to help others discover her amazing writing.

You can learn more about Adoro Books at our website


Karla, thank you for gracing my place with your guest posting, for considering my work publish-worthy, and for being my friend.  

Please visit Karla over at her blog titled “Telega Tales and Tart Cookies” and check out her awesome and hilarious book, Box of Rocks.


Images courtesy of Karla Telega

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