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WTFriday - Own It. Say It. Suck It Up.

I have stuff on my mind today.  WTFriday? 

Stuff other than sex.

What?  It could happen. 

The first thing on my mind:

Own it.  WTF does that mean?  I’m talking about writing.  Or sketching.  Or painting.  Any form of self-expressionism, really.

In my humble and highly unsolicited opinion, if you create it and you have the balls to put it out there, own it.   And don’t get your panties in a wad when someone has something to say about it.   If someone does come back at you with uninvited critique of which you may not agree or that makes you want to scoop out their eyeballs with a spoon…tell them.  You have a voice.  And by that I mean you have an “I don’t have to be squeaky-nice when responding to your comment because I fucking do not agree with you” kind of voice. 

Which leads me directly into the second thing on my mind:

Say it.  WTF does that mean?  It means use your voice.  Participate in meaningful and thought-provoking informational exchange and/or debate.  Critique others, but only when invited.  There are exceptions to this unofficial rule, of course:  For example, if both commenter and responder know each other’s preferences (to critique, not to critique, safe words, use of handcuffs, feathers etc…) then they can go at it like snickerdoodles in heat. Just don’t hurt the onlookers, ok?  My eyes bleed easily.


Some of us (some of you I mean.  I’m just writing this and minding my own damned business.  Don’t give me a second thought, really) can’t keep our big mouths shut no matter what the subject and we are always right, aren’t we?  So of course we have to make our “rightness” known. 

Not necessarily.  There’s a line to be drawn, and if you must always be right, then you are stuck with drawing that line.  If you want any friends or followers, that is.  Or in my case, stalkers.  We all want them, don’t we?  I love my peeps.  But I am one smart cookie.  I know where and when to draw that line.

I don’t respond to a post with critique unless specifically asked for “writing critique”.  I go for the content, baby.  I read for the content.  I absorb your wisdom and wit like a sponge.  Why would I critique your writing when I am so entertained by your content?  I wouldn’t.  I just enjoy you, and my comments reflect that.  As my writerly friend Kimberly would so aptly put it, “You rock my face off”. 

You can’t put a value, especially a writing-critique value, on that sort of entertainment.  So don’t.  Just my advice.  Enjoy the blogs you read, and if you feel like expressing your pleasure, please do.  I get all tingly just thinking about it.  But critique when you know it is welcomed.  As for me?  Critique me anytime you want.  I can take it.  I have a special pillow that, when placed securely enough over my face, snuffs out all my screams.  It works for me.

I recently had a conversation with a friend/blogger who expressed disdain at a few comments she’d received on her blog.  Of course, I had to visit said post and see for myself.  Sure enough, there were some rough comments on there.   However, she had invited critique.  When I pointed that out to her, she responded that she really didn’t mean it that way. 

Uh, make it clear what you want, people.  If you say critique, then prepare to “duck and cover” because you’re gonna get critique.  The blogosphere is plentiful with brilliant (and some not so much brilliant as mercifully clueless) writers who are ready to pounce with their advice.   I mean, look at me, here I sit giving you my brilliant advice. 

You’re welcome!

Which leads me directly into my third thought:

Suck it up. WTF does that mean?  You put it out there.  You take the hits.  So lick your wounds and put some more out there.  Or hobble into the bushes never to be heard from again. 

A very important person in my writing life recently pointed out to me that my sketches were not professional enough to include in ePublishing of my written work.  Said important person knows her shit, so I listened and will not be using my sketches.  I knew I should have spent that money on art lessons instead of those fucking slot machines.  Did my witty-bitty feelings get hurt by her words?  Like a flaming sword through my heart.  Nah.  I was fine.  When I put my sketches out on my blog, I did not ask for critique; however, when I decided to ePublish, all bets were off.  I wanted to hear the truth.

Own It. Say It. Suck It Up.  Good advice?  You decide.  I leave you with a quote by Elbert Hubbard, an American writer, artist and philosopher who lived a way, long time ago: To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.   Sure puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?


That’s my story and I am sticking to it.   Wine at 5, 7, and 9 pm.  Film at eleven.


What The ?


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