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WTFriday? Where's my eraser?

Life would be colorless and boring without descriptors, wouldn’t you agree?   Adjectives are sexy and we writers enjoy the abundance of choices available in our beautiful English language.   But what happens when a word is overused?   What happens when a word is misused?   Over and over again?    Thinking further, what happens when said overuse and misuse becomes the rule rather than the exception?  

Don’t you want to pour Drano in your ears?

Or maybe you’re not especially fond of bodily harm, so don’t you just want to erase the word from the English language?

Yeah.  Me too.  

Three words come to my mind that fit the descriptions of either overuse or misuse, and all three make me want to use that Drano or eraser in order to get rid of those ear-numbing words. 

The first word is AWESOME.  Everybody says it.  Everybody thinks that everybody else says it way too much.  Take yours truly, for example.  I am the AWESOME guru.  Keeper of the AWESOME.  A regular AWESOME Houdini, if you will.  I will produce that word under any and all circumstances.  I will make it fit, even when there’s not a speck of awesomeness to be found for miles. People have even politely pointed out to me that I use too much AWESOME.  Oh I heard them.  I just didn’t listen.  You see, back in the olden days, when I first found my AWESOME, we bonded in a most unique and intimate way.  I could never leave my AWESOME because then I’d just be plain OK.  AWESOME is so much better than OK.  Ever try to use the word OK to substitute for AWESOME?   That would not be OK!

So we’ll just let AWESOME have a pass shall we?  I can’t give it up yet.  I am hoarder of the AWESOME.  An AWESOME hoarder, if you will.


I think I’ll just go on to the next word.

The second word is AMAZING.  Personally, I don’t use this word nearly as often as other people.  You know, because I already have my own word with which to annoy others.  I don’t need AMAZING.  Other people, however, make me freaking nuts with their overuse of AMAZING and their apparent lack of any other descriptive word that might fit.  Hell, I would lend them AWESOME if they’d just stop using AMAZING so often.  People?  Not everything is AMAZING!   Not everyone is AMAZING! And?  Just because your new puppy finally took a poop outside instead of on your Persian rug, that does not necessarily warrant an AMAZING.  You want to know what AMAZING is?   I’ll tell you.   AMAZING is winning the freaking lottery.  AMAZING is writing a best-selling novel.  AMAZING is getting your partner to agree to a threesome. Actually that’s not AMAZING - That would be a miracle.  (No she did not just say that!)

Ahem.  Let’s press on, shall we?

The third and final word is one that is used mostly by our youth.  And by youth I mean anyone younger than me. Uh, basically everyone.  I’ve been hearing it for a few years now, misused as a term of positivity.   The word to which I am referring is SWEET.   For those who don’t know, SWEET was not always used as an exclamation of glee just because someone showed up at a boring party with some weed.   No, seriously, SWEET was formerly used to indicate how sugar tastes.   Now, if one really wanted to stir the proverbial pot, one could say SWEET when eating something that tastes sweet, but not because it’s actually SWEET, but rather because it’s AWESOME.  That’s the only way I can figure to explain this whole mess.  You see, I really hate it when SWEET is misused.  To me, it’s like nails on a blackboard or popping pimples or picking one’s nose in public.  It grates on my nerves and makes me batshitcrazy.  (Props to Rachel for my new favorite word.)

So there you have it.  Three words that just shouldn’t be.   They are misused and overused and tired and we need some different words.  For example, try substituting a different but equally as effective word for AWESOME, AMAZING or SWEET every time.  Yes, you might need to actually use a dictionary or thesaurus.  It wouldn’t be unheard of.  In fact, it would be freaking AWESO….

Uh I mean wonderful.

And wouldn’t expanding your vocabulary impress your friends and family?  That would be freaking AMAZI…..

Uh I mean fabulous.

And afterwards you could all go out and get ice cream to celebrate!  That would be SWEE

Uh I mean delicious.


Actually, you know what?  It would be SWEET.  A freaking AWESOME and AMAZING kind of SWEET!  

But now that word FREAKING is starting to get on my nerves.

Where’s my Eraser?


What overused and/or misused words get on your nerves?



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