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I’m all about new stuff.  I’m one of those old broads who welcome change.  I not only accept change; I reach out for change, and I revel in it.  I am a Change Goddess.  That being said, I’m changing Fridays up in here and adding a new weekly adventure to my already awesome repertoire.  Oh, I can just hear the moaning and groaning out there among both my fans.   You’re asking, “Why mess with perfection?”

And to this, I must reply, “Pretty simple really.   I love attention.”

So, in order to obtain more of said attention, I have founded WTFriday?

It will be a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing.  I will scamper around in my writerly knickers (no pictures, I promise!)  and come up with brilliance amazement wonderment spectacle something or other that will tickle your funny bones.  After all, it really is all about me you.

Unless it’s not.  About me, that is.  And I realize that does happen, once in awhile. 

And so?  I’ll try to cover things of which have nothing to do with me, also.  If I must. 

Where was I?    Oh yes, so ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses to Terri’s Little Corner’s newest addition:


 I think it might be a new thing.

And couldn’t we all use a new thing?   I certainly could.  Use one.  A new thing, that is.

 Is anyone still following me?  


Most of my Fridays are pretty uneventful.  I start my morning with my usual oatmeal, orange juice and coffee, followed by a walk around the apartment complex, then more coffee, a short nap between yawns, and then a little writing.  A real Ho-Hummer of a morning, really.   I do try to get into the “spirit of Friday” like everyone else seems to be.  But Friday just doesn’t do it for me. 

Except for today.

Today I got my hair cut.  What’s so special about getting my hair cut?  Well, if you knew me and my relationship with my hair, you might understand how a simple hair cut could either make or break my Friday.   Ever since I grew my hair out, it has become yet another of my addictions/obsessions.  I can’t do anything half-assed.  I have to Over-Doo everything.    And that includes my Doo.

I walked into the salon this morning, put my name on the list, and then sat down to have a personal interlude with my smart phone.  I was having withdrawals, having not checked my phone for a full 20 minutes, since I had left the house.  You see, there’s a new law here in Vegas.  No phones while driving.  I know it’s an important safety rule, but I gotta tell you, it took some getting used to.   Seriously, people, I had tweets to return and important Words With Friends 5-letter plays to make.  A girl has her priorities.

So I was right in the middle of intimately selecting just the right letters to offer up to a complete stranger when BAM, the hair stylist called my name.   Mildly annoyed, I stowed my phone and hurried on over to her station.  She draped me, toweled me, pulled at my hair, smacked her gum, and said, “So what do we want done today?”


 I looked around and, sure enough, I was in a hair salon, so I am quite sure I wanted my hair cut.  Duh.   Anyhow, I replied, “I’d like about an inch cut all around, no layering please.”  Pretty simple right?  

Nope, not apparently.

“So, your front is longer than your back.  Would you like me to even that out?”  she asked as she tenderly held my locks in her fingers.


 “She is still talking about my hair, right?”  I thought, as I looked down at my 58 year old boobs.  Otherwise I might have to kick her ass with my 58 year old, size 9 Feet.  

But I am a woman of class so I politely replied, “Yes, thank you.  That would be perfect.”

BUT, hairdresser girl could not leave it at that. Nope, she had to press on.  And press on she did.

“So would you like a coloring today.  I notice your roots are showing a bit and we do have a nice special going on.”   My boobs and now my roots?   Yea, I knew right then I would be blogging about this bitch.

Gritting my teeth, I managed, “No, just the cut today, thank you.”   I swear if she kept me from my smart phone one minute longer than she needed to, there would be consequences.

She finally shut up and cut my hair.  

Not one inch.   She cut at least two inches off all around.


I didn’t notice until she was almost done because I had my eyes closed.  I do this thing when I get my hair cut.  I close my eyes and make my grocery list.   Then I play a little game later at the store, trying to remember everything on my mental list.   It’s a nerd thing. Sometimes I go home with some really weird stuff.  But that’s another story.

Two inches?   I was again annoyed, a little more than mildly this time.   “Uh I only wanted one inch taken off.  What happened?”  I asked, politely I’m pretty sure, but I could have been growling at the same time.

“Oh I’m sorry.  I had to take off a little more to even it all out.  It looks really nice, don’t you think?  You have very healthy hair!”  Hairdresser girl suddenly turned into Mary freaking Poppins…a spoon full of sugar and all that crap.

Oh really.   That’s the best you got?

So, short story long, I paid and I left.  And yes, I even tipped the girl.  I have manners.  I am from the South and we are cursed with good manners.  Besides, being the highly compassionate and caring person that I am, I didn’t want to ruin MY day by causing a scene.  

My hair did look fabulous, after all. 

So WTFriday?

Heck, I may even go out and find an unsuspecting person and be kind to them.   Or pay something forward.  Or smile once or twice.


I could just go home and play with the complete strangers on my smart phone.

Yea, I think I’ll do that.



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