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Hola from Hawleyville!

Hi ya'll!

Guess where I am today?   Never mind.  I'll tell you.  A little back-story first.   Ahem...

I am an avid fan of Pamela Hawley's blog called Hawleyville.   Some time ago I won a contest.  My prize was that she interviewed me and put my name up in lights over at her place.

This was quite a distinction, I assure you...however I got there.  Pamela's blog is one of the best around.  Oh, she's funny and sometimes serious and compassionate.  But.  She talks about writing!  And?  That turns me on.

I have twenty or so bloggers I regularly read, for one reason or the other.  I have only a few that I read in order to learn more about writing.   Hawleyville is such a blog.   Pamela consistently displays tidbits about writing, authors and her personal experiences with the writing process and her progress.

It's interesting, to say the least.  No, it's fabulous!   So hop on over and check her out.  And while you're there?   Check me out.  I'm pretty awesome.  

XOXO's and Happy Valentine's Day!

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