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Using your common senses


When was the last time you heard someone say, Stop and smell the roses ?   It’s a timeless piece of advice, yet just as pertinent now, if not more so, than it ever was.  Most of us, however, have not stopped to smell anything, because according to us, we just don’t have the time.   Perhaps I should be, but I am not ashamed to admit that I do not fit into this busy mold.   I stop.  And I smell those roses.  And quite frankly, had I not been happily sniffing said roses, I may not have made it through the past few years with my sanity intact.   And it is with this personal in-depth, first-hand accounting that I will make my case for using your common senses.  Let us begin, shall we?

Smell.   I have a keen, high-pitched, delicate and sometimes frustrating sense of smell.  I can smell anything, and I abhor stinky feet and farting smells.  In fact, they bother me so much, I have been known to dry-heave at social activities.  It does not pair well with making new friends.  I should have just taken up farting in public and sporting toe jams long ago.  Then maybe I’d be immune and have a few friends.  What’s up with that, anyway?  Is Putrid the new Chanel?   Perhaps I could design a new accessory for the delicate smeller….a diamond-studded clothespin.   Smelling, for me, is a beautiful thing when my head is draped over a simmering pot of spaghetti sauce.  However, it is an ugly thing when I am plowing through the house, frantically trying to locate that mysterious foul odor permeating my very existence.  Smell.  My cross to bear.

Touch.  Ah, one of my personal favorites of the senses.  In the spirit of keeping it clean, however, I will only say that ‘feeling’ something pleasing makes the world go around.  For example, I love my big overstuffed pillow and my soft, furry blankie.  So sue me.  Other lovely things to feel are a baby’s soft skin, a furry kitten, silk, a new book, an old book, a favorite sweater, and the keys on my laptop.  It’s all about the way something makes you feel when you touch it.    Of course,  there’s the other side of touch, the one where you do everything you can Not to touch…things such as door handles and elevator buttons, and all in the interest of staying healthy.  Some people get downright ridiculous with this.  Especially in public restrooms.   I hate germs as much as the next girl,  but most times I would pee all over myself by the time I sprayed everything down with anti-bacterial spray, flushed the toilet with my foot, placed the paper toilet-seat cover, hung up my purse and pulled down my knickers.  My bladder is just not up with the times, people.  Touch. Getting too complicated!

Hearing.  Ah, music to my ears!  A baby’s sigh.  A love song.  A welcome hello.  Praise.  There’s nothing quite like listening to your very favorite music, the kind that inspires and moves you.  Hearing allows us the pleasure of a piano solo, a well-delivered speech or a riveting theater performance.  Hearing opens us up to the arts, and what could be better than that?   And?  I won’t even go into how amazing pillow talk can be.  Hearing is sensual and seductive.  But, I’m not thinking any of those lofty, angelic thoughts when I overhear my downstairs neighbors fighting or doing the nasty, depending on their level of sobriety.  And then there’s the person who always manages to sit behind me at the movies and chomps on his popcorn while slurping his drink at deafening decibels, after which he belches an approving Yee Haw at his accomplishments.   Hearing can be overrated.   But I do love jamming to a little Rolling Stones and trying to dance like Jagger. Hearing.  We should keep it.  It could come in handy.

Taste.   There are so many reasons I love this sense.   Chocolate. Banana splits.  Steak. Lasagna. Coffee.   Red wine.  White wine.  Cheap wine. Wine in a box.  Taste is obviously a personal fave for me.  All you have to do is look at me to know that.  I  ‘loves’ me some good food and drink.  However, there are other tastes that should not go unmentioned  (I swear I am not going there, so don’t get your panties in a wad)  such as the taste of a glass of clear, cold water when it’s 110 degrees and you’re thirsty as the devil.   And the salty taste of the ocean as the spray covers your face.  Wonderful!  However, people?  Don’t be serving me any liver, okra or sweet potatoes.  Those items give Taste a bad name.

Sight.  Last and my favorite of the senses.  Everything we experience has something to do with sight.  Oh the sights that I have seen, many amazing and wondrous things, and there are still so many more I want to see.  Yes, we should all take time to smell the roses, but what about feasting upon said rose with your eyes?  Nothing quite like it, is there? The delicate, intricate natural beauty and color.  Breathtaking.  Do you appreciate the ability to see such wonder?  I do.   I hope I never take my natural gifts for granted, for they are my conduit to the world. Unfortunately, there is much ugliness in the world in the forms of hunger, violence, ignorance, environmental hazards, and natural disasters.  While we’re appreciating the beauty of this glorious planet, we must also recognize the ugliness and put forth our best efforts to work as a global team in eradicating the suffering and establishing world peace.

Do I sound like a beauty pageant contestant?   “Ms Sonoda, if you could have one wish, what would it be?”

“World Peace, of course!”    Big smile. Adjust my  posture. Exit stage right.

Life is funny. 

Life is hard.

Life goes on.

Life is what we make it.

Life is using our common senses, thus making our lives much less common.


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